Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well I seem to be on a sock thing. All other projects have been tossed to the side. I have 5 different socks going right now with more wanting to be casted on. =)

I finished 1 Toe up, no purl, chart upside down mini monkeys.
monkey sock 1b

I also finished one Mindless John B sock.
Mindless John B sock 1
Plain foot with short row heel. The ribbing is garter rib 2x2 with 1x1 for about an inch on top. I find that garter rib is not snug enough so I usually add 1x1 ribbing on top.

Milkmaid Noro has another color stripe, which is red next color is forest green.
milkmaid Noro

I have also knitted two more Capitan hats. I heart this pattern. Just a little bit of yarn and time and you get a really cool hat. These two will be gifts with maybe 2 more to go. I also heart quick easy gifts. =)

Another Capitan
Blue Capitan

In other crappy new, I am really getting fed up with this RA. It sucks royally. I want to rant and go off but I will try to stay nice. What I really hate is people look at me and because I appear normal they think I am. In the words of my Hubby (said with love so no going off on him) I am broken and I can not do things everyone does. Trust me I do get pissed about what I can and can not do. I do not want people to pitty me when I tell them what I have and what that means. I just want them to understand that I have limits. When I told someone I work with I am on weekly chemo they were shocked. But I thought you just had arthritis. Ugh!! Unfortunately my boss is one of these people and a whole lot of crap is going on there. I am off today and tomorrow due to doctors orders. I will be having an MRI soon to see how this F*&%ing RA is progressing. It seems to be progressing fast. Yeah!! So I have a pain killer so I can now sleep and exercise never made it to the window to be thrown out (I was close to being able to start low impact exercise). I wouldn't wish RA on my worst enemy.

Well thank you for letting me rant. I do try to keep it upbeat but well today is just one of those days. I think I need to go knit and try to relax.



Abby said...

Maybe your post should be titled "SUCKS!" because RA does. Several of my friends have chronic conditions and I don't know how they (and you) do it. Rant away! At least you can knit up a storm these days. Sending strength and good wishes your way.

Qutecowgirl said...

I actually thought about that. =)

Thank You Abby for your thoughts. I am very glad I can still knit and this flare/problem is not in my hands this time. I think I would go crazy.

Jen said...

Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with health things lately. :( It's never fun. I will be sending you good health vibes!

Jill said...

Oh, no...I'm sending you super-big hugs. You continue to amaze me with being able to do all you do (knitting and otherwise) with 3 kids like me, and a husband and home and all they entail. I can't imagine dealing with RA and having to do it all, too. No pity here--just LOTS of respect. You rock! I hope the flare-up gets better very soon. :) (And feel free to rant anytime--this the perfect outlet for it!)

Jill said...

Ps. What kind of yarn is the first Capitan Hat made of? Love it.