Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Yarn Batman!!!!

Sorry I couldn't help that. =) WARNING: this post contains many pictures of yarn, it may cause drooling or urges to buy yarn.

Wheel Update: Delivery expected date - 3/19

Saturday was Yarn day! It all started when Hubby took me to the new yarn store (that is only 10 minutes away - YIPEE!!!). Hubby's Mom took all the kiddies to the movies so it was just the 2 of us and a yarn store. We got there when it just open and oh all the yarn. Wait the store is The Village Knitter. The owner (who I forgot her name - sorry) was wonderful. It was so nice to talk to some one where you do not have to explain anything. I am so going back. (What yarn diet?) Then when we got home the mail was in and my order from the Loopy Ewe was here!

Lets start the drooling with the Loopy Ewe yarns, shall we?

The next 2 yarns are from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Dk in
cherry Tree hill
Northern Lights
Cherry Tree Hill
Turtle Cove

I also got the little mini keychain sock blocker

Now for the haul from The Village Knitter
Here is a yarn from Cape Cod. The women dyes the yarn in lobster pots then lets them dry in the salty sea air. Hence the name Lobster Pot yarns. Here are 2 hanks of bulky wool/mohair in Seafoam.
Lobster pot
Here is Noro Kureyon. This is the worsted weight size of the sock yarn and well I some how manage to get the same colorway as the sock yarn. There were lots of colorways too. I must like this one.
Noro Kueyon
Next is Malabrigo in Bijou Blue. I completely understand why people say Mmmmmalabrigio. This yarn is like Buttah.
Here are 4 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Bittersweet
Lorna Laces
and Purple Iris
Lorna Laces
The last yarn is Bamboo by SWTC. Something about the color called to me.

Lastly Hubby found a basket of these buttons. These 3 were my favorites and followed me home. (Click to make the pic bigger if you can not read the buttons)

When I was putting all of this lovely yarn away I re organized my stash. I have a TON of sock yarn! I had no clue how much sock yarn I have. It is ok though since sock yarn does not count as stash yarn. ; )



SJ said...

What a great yarn haul!

Heather said...


Aunty said...

Wow! More beautiful stuff! What about fiber for your wheel??


Laurelena said...

*is Envious* *drools*

Those are such beautiful yarns!!

Oh, and congrats on your wheel!!

I want one!


Karen said...

Drool, drool, drool!!!!! What a haul. That LYS is about 1/2 hour from where my husband grew up!! :) (Don't ask my why that's important, but for some reason I feel like it is - LOL)

Shewolfy said...

Oooohhhhh...I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard now. Nice, nice yarns...I'm glad a nice LYS has opened up near your home. And I hope your wheel hurries up and gets here!