Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post 101

I missed my 100th post. I have been watching and counting and thinking of ways to make it the big 100 and I missed it. Oh Well. Hopefully I will remember my blogiversary.

My package from Loopy Ewe arrived yesterday.

This roving reminds me of a country song from years ago by Marty Stewart (I think) Tempted. When I saw this , the song just popped in my head.

Here is Tempted's"'Femme"

4 oz of 80% merino and 20% silk....oooooooo.....
I think I am going to try a different way of plying with this one when I spin it up

This is Lone Star Arts' Burn
100% superwashed Merino

Lastly is The Dyeing Arts' Viole(n)t
8oz of 100% superwashed Merino

Next time knitting. Just to prove that I still remember how =)

Oh I almost forgot, one of the coolest things happened the other day. My Mommy told me she wants to learn how to knit socks!!!! Yes (doing the happy dance) it only took 2 years to get her knitting again but I did it!!! Yeah!!!!

Puppy Pictures
Snickers with her ducky. Shewolfy - this is the only toy she has not gutted in 2 minutes and she hasn't really tried to either. My fingers are crossed that this one stays together. The last toy I bought she had destroyed (as in stuffing exploded all over the living room) within no lie 3 minutes.
Snickers and her ducky
I love her paws, they are all furry.
furry paws
her cold weather genes are showing



Toni said...

Oooooooh, I can see that spinning could be a very dangerous hobby--those are fabulous! How fun!!!

mom said...

Hi honey, i love the pink/brown(or is it black)
Snickers is still a cutie.

Are the red socks you made me difficult to start with. i wore them yesterday and they are very comfy and i like the pattern.

love, mom

Abby said...

Gorgeous roving! Can't wait to see it spun up. For indestructable dog toys, try Doggie Hoots from Fat Cat Inc.

Shewolfy said...

Yeah- in our house, duck-duck is the one toy that rarely gets gutted. It just gets sucked and cuddled to oblivion! Snickers is so cute...
I LOVE the roving, especially the purple stuff. Oh my. My wheel is ordered, but won't be here for a few weeks. Twitch, twitch. At least I have a borrowed one.
And last but not least, congratulations on snagging a new sock addict - um, knitter!