Sunday, March 9, 2008

No knitting - Sewing!!

Really there was hardly any knitting going on.

Friday was a bad day in the RA department plus a lot of running around. Snickers had to go get a shot (Yeah! one more and she gets to go outside!!!) Snickers is up to 17 pounds at 4 months. What are the chances that she will be a medium sized dog around 35 pounds as the vet first suggested? I am thinking on the low end but we love her no matter what. When I asked the vet if she was still going to be around 35 pounds, he first said around 35 can be very broad depending on how you look at it. Then he asked if we would return her if she was bigger. I was shocked. Of course I told him no she is one of the family from the moment we picked her up and wouldn't think of returning her. I think it is very telling of how some people are and I guess there are enough of these people that my vet had to seriously ask me this question.

Something great also happened on friday, Hubby took me to Joann's. (No yarn was purchased, can you believe it!!) Purchases included thread (the whole reason I had to go), a rotary cutter (why did I wait so long to buy one?!) a self mending mat to go with cutter (on sale) and beads.
When we got home I broke out my sewing machine and sewed the lining into a bag that I had finished knitting last summer and was supposed to be a birthday gift for my aunt (whose bday was in november) Yep I am late but finished!!!!

Aunt's bday bag

The pattern is from Knitpicks and the yarn I think is Sierra. Did not remember to take a picture of the lining but it is black with silver pin striping. I really am not thrilled with how the sewing of the lining came out. The first time was bad!! Needless to say pulled it out. The second was ok but I was afraid to rip it out again and have the knitting and lining looking crappy.

While I had the machine out I made a pillow. I got the front fabric from a little "learn how to quilt" kit from Borders (on clearence for 3 bucks). I read the directions then followed my own pattern/idea.

front of pillow

There wasn't any fabric for the back so i pulled out some scraps. I love this fabric and I do have more of it, I just do not know what to do with it.
back of pillow
Very contrasty pillow but I love it. With the scraps left over from the back (and being too lazy to put what was left over away) I tried my hand at a sock bag. I have seen how to's all around BlogLand. I remembered the basics and went at it. I think it came out too small (maybe not for kids or baby socks)

first attempt at sock bag

Of course with the alpha beads and silver jump rings I just had to make more markers =) I have 2 sets already of alpha markers and I am using both soooo if I wanted to make any of the other socks from the New Pathways book I would need more markers. =) Plus Budha helped so it was a mother and daughter project. =)

more markers
and more markers
These are cute. The stars say Just For You on them. I wasn't going to make them but Budha found them in my bead box and asked if we could put them on the rings, so that is what we did.

Saturday and today was basically trying to stay dry. Almost 4 inches of rain fell here on Long Island which means that the water wanted to come into our apartment (which is partly below ground) I am sure when the RA doctor told me to take it easy for a few days she did not mean this. Thankfully as of tonight (knock on wood) it had slowed done to a trickle (darn high water table and saturated ground) I am hoping tomorrow we will be back to normal here. I so wished it was snow and not rain.



Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. So I guess Snickers is going to be a big puppy, huh? You're going to have to explain to me what a rotary cutter and self-mending mat are, D.

I love the bag you made for your other Aunty. Glad to see you took my advice and lined it. The black with silver pinstripe sounds gaw-jus, especially with the purple bag. I know you've made a bunch of these, and they are beautiful. (hint, hint). Just curious about the dimensions, though. I'd need a fairly roomy bag.

The sox are kewl too. Is one of them for another Aunty we both know and love?

Like the bead things too. Nice you let Budha help.

And the pillow! My goodness, you're a talented girl! Love that red fabric. And what is a sock bag? Is that like for throwing into the wash so they don't get separated?

Hope it's dried out down there. The damp can't be good for your RA.

Feel better, sweetie.



Jill said...

We've been having the same water issues around here. Last week was bad. You forget how much damage water can do until it's threatening to get into your house! Hopes for a drier day...

Love the bag. It's hard to tell about the size. Maybe you can take some pics when you're using it? I've been thinking about trying to sew one up myself, but I hadn't seen the tutorials. Thanks for the inspiration!

Abby said...

I too have knit and crocheted purses waiting for linings. The SO is going to be out of town this weekend - sounds like a perfect time to just do it.

From my experience, dogs double in weight from their six month weight. I'm guessing Snickers is going to be on the high end of 35 pounds!