Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Great Granny Square of 09

=) I have crochet for today!! I can not even remember when I crocheted something. Basically on Ravlry I am part of stash busting group and one of the challenges is to knit or crochet something big that uses at least 10 balls of yarn. Well I have a ton, at least it seems like a ton, of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. Now WOA is a nice yarn but I had a bunch of different colors in all sorts of amounts and honestly I have no idea why. I know some were left overs from other projects but others were from I have no idea,
Anyway I took out the tub of yarn and pulled out all of the now bubblegum pink and purple and was left with 23 balls of yarn to play with. That is 2530 yards or 1.44 miles!!

Right now I am about halfway through the yarn, I have used 11.5 balls. And here is the progress

progress on the great granny sq

ok a) it is on a queen size bed and b) boy does it clash with the quilt - ignore that part = )

This has turned into my I can not sleep because of whatever and need something mindless to work on. Which reminds me I still have to blog about my previous mindless project the Shalom Sweater. I knit 90% of that sweater laying flat on my back talk bout arm work out. I will save the rest for another post.

Now working on this while tired or medicated does have its drawbacks. While I was spreading it out I found 2 mistakes that well I somehow correted in the next round so the numbers are still right.

boo boo on the granny sq

here is one boo boo. I missed a 3 dc but in the next rd I did crochet the proper amount with out even noticing the boo boo

the great granny sq

here is a corner that is suppose to have 2 sets of dc and the is only one and again I did the right amount the next rd without even noticing.

Both boo boos are in the same color block and I would have to frog a lot to get back to it. Strange thing is I didn't see the mistake until the pictures so part of my brain was paying attention and kept me on track. I know that I crocheted that color on a bad night so I am not surprised I did make mistakes.

Oh well. I do not think I am going to frog it. It is too far back and they do not really bother me.


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Carol said...

How clever of you to make something beautiful and practical with scraps! I do like the bold colors of the afghan. You go, girl! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday and hoping it makes you feel much better much sooner.