Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fouth!!

Today was one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid. I loved the picnics, getting together with family, eating anything and everything until you were stuffed beyond belief, and of course the fireworks!! I love fireworks. Sadly I have not seen any fireworks since 2000 = ( The kiddies get really cranky when they stay up to far past bedtime. I am counting down the days until they are old enough to stay up. I can hear then going off right now in the distance. Oh I really miss seeing them.

Ok lets talk about something on the happy side. Today is also the first day of the Tour de Fleece. What is that you ask? Well spinners have gotten together and invented this. It happens on the same schedule as the Tour de France (get it spinning the wheel and the bike riders spin their bike wheels). You can challenge yourself to anything really. I decided to join this year to get back into spinning and to make a dent in my fiber stash.

So today I spun for a little while and managed to spin 2 of the 4 oz I have of Enchanted Knoll Farm's Elvira. Pretty pretty pretty!!! It is ruby and black wool with angelina (sparkly strands) and sari silk. Some of the sari silk is this bright aqua that just looks amazing!


This is a true to color photo.

Elvira EKF

This picture is over flashed to show the silk and the angelina.

OK now for the spinning tech stuff

I am spinning this as a single ply and fingering weight. I want to spin enough to make one of 2 shawls. Ishbel or Gail (Sorry non Ravelry people for Ishbel, for Gail scroll down just a little). Basically I need between 350-450 yards. My fingers are crossed. If I do not make it the next batch to be spun hopefully should work.

= )


AMalwayswriting said...

Hello! Do you remember me? I loved that granny square you crocheted -- that's the next thing I have to get into but I am currently doing a cross stitch project based on Star Trek (haha) and I also am in the middle of a blanket! Not just any blanket though, a blanket composed of fish. Yes, I know, exciting. Do you remember when I made my first fish?

I'm glad to hear from you on blogger and I hope all is well -- I missed talking to you in school!

Jill said...

I know what you mean. Bedtime for my kiddos is 7:00...even if they stay up a little late, they'd never make it to the fireworks. Luckily for us, we spend the 4th at my in-laws' beach house in NH. Fireworks are legal there, so people nearby set some off close enough for us to see & enjoy from the house while the kids sleep. (Well, we HOPE the stay asleep! LOL)

keri said...

Happy Belated 4th! Good luck on the tour this year. I like the sparkle on your yarn, the finished piece is going to be so pretty!