Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de Fleece update

Well that is pretty much what I have been up to lately. Spinning for the Tour de Fleece. I have already spun 12 oz of fiber and around 1500 yards!!!!! I think that is close to a mile!!! Crazy!


This is the finished Elvira (from Enchanted Knoll Farm, ruby and black merino with sari silk and angelina, thats the sparkly part) I am making Ishbel out of it. I did get enough yardage 492 yards to be exact! More then enough for the shawl.


ok so you can not really see the sparkly parts but they are there. When I knit it is like little flashes of red light going off. Very pretty. When the shawl is a little larger I will try to take a picture showing the sparkly.

No more blue!!

This is "I am going to take forever to spin so you can not spin anything else" singles. The top one is 4 oz of Corriedale and the bottom one is 4 oz of merino. Both were dyed by me. I am going to ply them together. I almost want to put them in a time out but after a short rest, meaning tomorrow, I am going to ply them to free up the bobbins. I also have some 50/50 camel/silk from Rhinebeck 09 on a bobbin that I am almost halfway done with. I need the bobbin cause well I have a little something on the way to me and when it gets here I want to spin it!!! Yes, I bought something ,12 oz of something to be exact and I do not feel guilty about it at all. 8 of the 12 is for Drama girl and if there is enough maybe Buddah. The roving is called Fairy Dance and the girls right now are all about fairies.



keri said...

The shawl is going to be gorgeous! Love the sparkly bits! =)

Aunty said...

I joined ravelry so I could see Ishbel. I do so love the Gail pattern, but the Ishbel is very pretty too. It will look fabulous in Elvira. Aunty approves.

Hugs to all!

Aunty said...

Oh, and I bet you didn't have a phone or TV antenna on your wheel or needles (so to speak) either, or steroids in your system! Flying on instinct and talent; that's the way to go!