Friday, July 17, 2009

TdF update and Knitting?!?!?!?!

I have yarn today = ) Not the main yarn, it is still soaking wet (darn humidity) but what was left over is dry. I had 155 yards of merino singles left over from plying the main yarn and well I did not want to just stash it away. So I dug out some crochet cotton and strung on a ton of beads and plied them together.
yarn and hubby
It came out really cool! It was my first time doing this and it went very slowly. It almost took me an hour!! I didn't want to over twist the yarn and had to space the beads which I just did totally random. I might just do it again but on a smaller scale first. I need more practice before a whole skein.

Now for knitting. Yes knitting. I still remember how =)

Meet Sheepy the Second.
hubby and sheepy

He is to replace Sheepy. My daughter's stuffed sheep (was the stuffed sheep from Harvest Moon video game) that was loved to bare threads and mauled by a puppy (Snick) and could not be fixed anymore. It has been a while since Sheepy has been brought up but today Sheepy was and when she remembered that Sheepy was gone well she broke my heart with her tears. So what is a mom to do? Knit her a new Sheepy.

sheep research

Now Sheepy the Second is not finished. I still need to embroider his face and make his coat. Yes coat. The pattern lets you change the sheep's coat and I thought that was adorable. I am sure Buddah would like a purple fleece = )

Pattern: Knitted Sheep by Flutterby (Rav link)
Yarn: Wool of the Andes undyed
needle: size 8
mods: well the pattern make a small sheep and I wanted something bigger sooo thicker yarn, bigger needles and basically doubling all the numbers makes a bigger sheep. Body is reversed stocking stitch and head, ears and legs are stocking stitch. I did it this way so when he is naked (which I am sure he will be at times) the bumps look kinda like wool on a sheep.

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Jill said...

OMG--so cute! Love the sheepy!! Can't wait to see the purple coat, too.