Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drama Cardi

Back when I did my WIP list I mentioned that I finished Drama Girls Tater cardi. Well it is finally dry, button has been attached and I have pictures!!!


I was so happy to finally finish this. Many black holes were met while knitting the stocking knit sections on the body and sleeves.

lace close up

Yarn is Paton's Bumblebee in Apple Blossom - 5 skeins

cardi button

Mods: Went up in needle size, changed the length on the sleeves and body and used a button instead of ties.

Drama girl struts her stuff

Pattern: Tarter's Cotton Cardi (Ravelry link)



mom said...

Hi honey,the sweater is gorgeous. looks like drama princess likes it.

have you started Al's sweater, here's a thought, maybe i should try one. is the pinwheel too difficult for me, remember, i'm just coming back to knitting

Toni said...

Very cute!