Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow Again!

Well at least this time was because it was hectic around here. Thank goodness the temps are back to a more comfortable 78. =)
Friday Night Skywalker's little league had their annual night at Shea. The players get to walk out onto the warning track. The kids get a real kick out of it. I bought tickets for Skywalker, my Mom and of course me. Hubby had bought tickets for his uncle and himself a while back so we all got to go as a group but sit on opposite sides. We did see each other.
Where's Hubby?
You can see him right? =)
There he is
Hubby is the white blob right above the arrow

We all had a ton of fun.
Skywalker at game

Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day and yes I did knit in public. Hubby had to get an xray and I brought my sock and yes I did get some looks. =)

The high school where I work is testing now so I do get time to knit a little. It has been slow going, with it so quiet in the school the knitting is putting me to sleep =) so I have not been working on the Just One Fix 2 socks and of course that means that the are growing slowly.
Just one fix 2
I also bring with me the Old Shale Shawl. Now I have stated before I am using Noro Silk Garden and I only have 2 skeins (it was originally going to be a scarf). Well after one it was way obvious that 2 was not going to create the shawl that was in my mind. As I type more Noro Silk Garden, 5 more to be exact is on its way here. Bonus: I found it on sale!!!
Old Shale Shawl

I have other stuff to show once it dries. I have yarn and a sweater! I also need to go back over my WIP post since well I have finished some on that list and I found out that one of the things will have to go take a visit to the frog pond =(



Toni said...

Sounds like a fun time! (Except for the frog pond visit to be--that is never fun)

Karen said...

Oooohh, the shawl looks so pretty. Heck, if it's on sale, you have to buy 5!!!