Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Trip Down WIP Lane

I want to go back over my WIPs. I figure if I keep doing this they will get done, at least the old ones anyway. So here we go starting with the old ones. (to see the original list click here)

1. The yellow bib-still need a snap or velcro. It keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the WIP pile. Soon.
2. Secret project, which turned out to be the Cape Cod Shawl. It is finished,gifted and loved. = )
3. Milkmaid Noro. I haven't touched it in long while. I need to use the book for the charts so that means quiet time. (what is that?)
4.PinWheel Sweater. Done,Gifted and Loved. = )
5. Swan Lake (MS3) =( It is going to have to go visit the frog pond. By math by me (don't have enough yarn because I doubled the yarn. duh!!!) and not noticing the gauge is way off (like if I blocked it would turnout about 12 inches, which is a scarf not a stole) When I undoubled the yarn I should have enough to do it. I will have to see. If I do I want to make Swan Lake.
6. Adamas shawl. Still like it. I will work on it.
7. Skywalkers Flames. This is the last of the 3 kiddie sweaters. Since I am working on the sleeves it is not a travel project. I am about half way through the flame chart then it should go a whole lot faster. I am hoping to get it done by the fall.
8.No idea. Yep they were suppose to be wrist warmers but well they are small and if they do not fit either of the girls they will be trashed.
9. Blue bag. It is still waiting for its lining.
10. Tarter Cardi for Drama Girl. Done done and done. It is blocked and I am just waiting for it to dry (darned humidity) to take pictures.
11. Superman pillow. still needs to be worked on.
12. Black bag. Still needs to be worked on. Though I have finished revising the pattern for it so if I actually knit it it might show some progress.
13. Scroll socks. Done and I love them
14. Yellow washcloth. Done, gifted and hopefully being used. (mom?)
15. Bellatrix socks. Frogged.
16. Mystic Light shawl. Waiting for school to be done so I can work on it.

So out of 16 old WIPs I now have 8 (WOOOOHOOO!!!!)

Don't think thats it though. I have added to the WIP pile.

New WIPs
9. Just One Fix 2 socks. These are my mindless travel socks so they should be easily done. (imagine last picture but with a few more rows)
10. Old Shale Shawl. Right now I am just waiting for the yarn to arrive. 2 balls down 5 more to go. (same thing - it looks just the same as last time but with a few more rows)
11. Top Down Sunflower Cardi. I haven't blogged about this yet. Basically it is a top down short sleeved cardi. I will knit until I am done with the yarn (3/10 balls) Mindless TV knitting. Eventually it will be finished. No rush.
Top down cardi
why yes that yellow blob will become a sweater
12.Goddess Knit Mystery Shawl. Like I do not have enough shawl WIPs. = ). This one is a Pi (circle) shawl and I am using stash yarn. Only clue one is out and I finished that last night.

So I started with 16 WIPs went down to 8 and then went back to 12.

Having a stash of WIPs does not bother me, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. There are some that can be easily be finished so it is really not that bad.

I first did this back in April. Now it is June. So maybe this WIP progress post will become a regular every other month thing =)

This one is for the family. Kiddie Pic
Looking more like his daddy everyday =)


Karen said...

I think that is great progress on your WIPs!! I used to have a lot of WIPs too, and didn't really mind - and found that going over them each month helped me stay organized and focuses on what I wanted to finish. (Of course, one day I got tired of having so many projects - frogged most that weren't working, and now happily just have 3). :)

Toni said...

YAY! You finished more than you frogged! That definitely makes the WIP less horrifying--or it does for me. Knowing they will EVENTUALLY get done is a good thing

Shewolfy said...

You know, looking at your WIP list makes me feel normal. Thank you! Seriously though, you have finished up quite a few lately!

Jill said...

Great progress! You're really quick, huh? (Makes me feel like a slacker...) And did I mention that I love the new pics on the side of your Etsy stuff? Looks nice.

Abby said...

Good job! I'm impressed with your progress. You are inspiring me.