Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Plans

Well here it is the end of June already. The Kiddies only have 3 half days left of school and I have 1 more day of work and then it is S-U-M-M-E-R!!!!!! I am so not ready.

I know I have said it before but I work in a high school. I am only a 10 month-er and basically that means - no school no work. It pays ok but I basically work there for the convenience of the school calendar.

So anyway the school year is coming to a close, so what do I have planned for the summer vacation?

1. Dye more. I still have some left over undyed stock that I would like to get dyed for Barn Yarn. Plus it is always fun to play with colors. I know it may not sell but it is a fun thing to do and the kiddies can help. They had fun last summer dyeing yarn. (just a little note: I am not being down on myself about the stuff not selling. Many Etsy sellers are feeling the economic problems that many of us are feeling)

2. Knit -(DUH!!!) =) I want to work on my WIP list and a few other projects. There will be a few baby things too. No I am not having another one. My best friend just found out she is having a baby and well she gave me the green light to knit as much as I want for the baby. Her mother was a knitter so she gets it. =) and yes I already started something. =)

3. Spin. At least once a week. I stopped spinning a while ago and when I started back my spinning quality had gone down. Plus I really really really need to get the spinning stash down. I can not close the lid on the the tote anymore with out a weight on top (which a huge tote of sock yarns works nicely just in case you needed to know)

4. Get the designs that are in my head out and on paper (and of course knitted)

5. Sew. So many things I want to sew. I have a skirt I want to make, quilts I want to finish and project bags for Barn Yarn. I have some really cut fabrics that I think people would like.

Five things, short and sweet. Of course this is not the family list but hopefully I will get some me time during the summer days. If not there is always after bedtime.


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