Monday, June 30, 2008

Puppies and Needles Do Not Mix

When I can home today from running some errands I happen to see a needle and just a needle sitting on the couch. The closer I got the more I saw.

dogs and needles do not mix

The lone needle I used to pick up the stitches so they wouldn't run. The damage to the sock was not to bad. Snick didn't do anything to the actual sock, just the needle. A 40 inch size 3 circular. She managed to pull out the needle and chew through the cable in several spots. I measured the pieces and I am missing a few inches. Somehow only 1 stitch ran down 1 stitch. Go Cherry Tree Hill. To get to this sock she somehow managed to open my project bag. I am happy the sock is ok, sad my needle is gone and amazed how she got into my sock bag and didn't damage the sock. Snick on the other hand seems to know that I am upset with here and is keeping her distance.

Sadly I do not have another size 3 circular and I really do not like using dpns anymore (too hard on my hands) =(

In better news something finally finished drying!! The is Shark Boy. Roving from Spunky. 100% superwashed Corridale.
Skywalker has already claimed it. =)

shark boy

shark boy close up

It is mostly worsted weight and measures in a little over 86 yards.

I am off to dust off my dpns.


Jill said...

Oh, no! Hmmm...wonder where the other couple of inches of cord are? Dare I ask? ;) Sorry to hear about that.

Toni said...

Ahhh, I'm going to remember this the next time I think that dogs would be better than the gift-bearing cats we live with. They might bring vermin into our bedroom, but they haven't yet eaten any needles...

Hope the puppy is feeling okay!

SJ said...

Oh noes! I guess everybody likes the circs, huh?