Monday, June 2, 2008


Hello everyone. I wanted to do this earlier but there is so much crap and crap going on here that I have been unable to do what I want to do. This of course does not have to do with the normal I want knit, spin, sew and craft but life gets in the way of that stuff. Please bare with me if things get a little slow around here. Yeah I know I am being vague, sorry.

Okay now last time I mentioned something funky. Well I am sure some of you out there remember when the Harlot went to her little knitting camp (that would be great to do) and everyone there was making Monkeys (the animal not the socks) and Blue Moon Fibre arts came out with kits for said monkeys? (Link here)
Well I am sure that many of us know that when the Harlot mentions something everyone goes nuts.
funcky sock monkey kit
Yep I was one of them this time. I waited 2 weeks (because of the volume of orders) but I got mine. The kit came in a neat tube. I picked the greens one. I have no clue what the colors are because I can not find the piece of paper. I do think one of them is the green jeans colorway
sock monkey yarn

The wonderful people at Blue Moon also created a colorway for Knitter without Borders to help raise money for Doctors without Borders and it is really pretty. I could not help myself. Socks that Rock is a great yarn and the colors are amazing. So worth the money.
knitters without borders
str kwb
str kwb
Plus part of the price for this colorway is donated to Doctors Without Borders

Socks That Rock is my favorite sock yarn. Seriously people, you get your hands on one and that all that is needed to be hooked.


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Shewolfy said...

I got the pattern, but not one of the kits - I may break down and order one later this summer, though. I am going to try to make my first one with other yarn. But I do love the STR yarn! And I really like the colorway you chose. I was drooling over that one myself!