Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just One Fix!

Anyone remember Rob Zombie when he did music he had a song called Just One Fix. It was a favorite of mine back in my heavy metal days. Ahh yes the days of blue,purple and pink hair, flannels ,spandex and lots of leather. Heck I even had a leather and spandex mini dress. Totally shocks the Stepson when I tell him about the good ol days. I didn't fit in much. I was a rocker punk with a 3.9 in Honor classes. I actually had a teacher on the first day of classes senior year that asked me if I actually belonged in her honors math class. Shocked the daylights out of her can I tell you. Ah yes fun times...

Okay enough of strolling down memory lane. What is a girl to do with tons of nervous energy? Why knit a pair of socks.
fix socks on feet 2
Cascade Fixation (hence the title and stroll) Less then one ball. Yep it is true you can knit a pair of socks from 1 little ball.
Granted mine are short. I wanted them that way. I did have leftovers.
Fix socks
fix socks on feet
One stripped and one pooled. Go figure. It might have something to do with my tension (which was all over the place). The yarn is cotton with elastic and it felt a little weird knitting with it at first. In fact one sock is bigger then the other even though they have the same number of stitches around and the same number of rows knitted. The second one (that would be the spiral one) is much more uniform. Though I did make the heel flap a little short or the elastic is pulling the heel down
fix heel
So I guess that makes them a little on the small side. Just have to see if I can deal with the heal. I am however going to go back to the Village Knitter and get more (if anyone in the Long Island/Babylon area the Village Knitter is having a 20% off moving sale. I am so going.). Plus on size 4 needles these puppies fly (as in 2 days only knitting at work)

I am also spinning. This is the second bobbin of Keri's Luck of the Irish (I do believe that is the name can not find the tag) 5 oz of merino and tencel blend. Very nice. I am thinking 2 ply.
Irish spinning
think shamrock green and white. For some reason the green looks blueish on my screen

Well that is what I have been up to. Oh wait I did also make a bunch of stuff for my little store. Hoping to get them up tonight. Hopefully



Abby said...

I have trouble with new yarn, too, especially with mittens, so invariably one of my mitts is too something and the other is just right. Now I'm gonna go look at your store, even though I am on a yarn diet. Sort of. Well, we'll see.

Jill said...

Cute socks, and fast, super-fast, huh? They look comfy. How do they feel? Is cotton with elastic as sweet feeling as wool?