Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Yeah right sure Happy monday? Here is to trying the whole positive thinking thing. (I just do not think it works on mondays)
The past few days seemed to really fly by. I woke up friday with the tell tale signs of a sinus infection, called the dr, got a triple booked appointment and congratulations I have a sinus infection and a ear infections. Ugh! Saturday morning I was due for blood work. So at 6:30 am I was there on an empty stomach (and still feeling the side effects of my weekly chemo) with a person who must love torturing people. She took 7 vials!!!! and with each one she had to move the needle around to find my blood. Now I have had ALOT of blood taken and IVs in my lifetime (probably more then some people have in their entire lives) and sometimes my veins like to be difficult be yikes!! I do not like sitting there feeling like I am going to puke my brains out while she keeps moving the needle around. Just a little vent, my normal vampire, i mean blood taker person (I am not even going to attempt to spell the correct term) does not work that early. Next time I will not try to beat the rush and get there extra early for that. Hubby had to get stuck too so this time we got to go together. He has pretty purple marks from his vampire.

The rest of saturday is a blur (darn chemo brain). Sunday Hubby was working all day. :( I did manage to get some spinning done.

This yarn was spun from roving Rhinebeck. $5 for 2oz ball. Now I had no clue about spinning yet. I had just bought my hand spinner and bought roving that I liked with out really thinking.
52 yards of DK weight. !00% merino

I plied up the bamboo.
66 yards of well it goes from fingering to bulky. 100% bamboo from Loop

After I was done with those two I kept looking at the Femme I had sitting there. I wanted to try Navajo plying(think big crochet chains twisted - so it is 3 ply) but I guess you could say scared to. I took my time spinning the Femme and I didn't mess it up. I had some samples of roving around so I spun them up and practiced Navajo plying. Then I sat down, took a deep breathe and plied Femme ( all 600+ yards)

I got 203 yards of fingering/sport weight. 80% merino 20% silk.

Now I have to get moving on that secret project.

= )


Toni said...

Oh, you poor thing!!!! You definitely need some yarn therapy.....

Jill said...

Oh, no. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the blood. Someone who's good at it is just such a gift, you know? And the rest...well, I could do without. I have funny veins, too. I guess the "roll" or something? Like they're wiggly? Not sure, but that is what they tell me. Not fun, but once they get it in there, I'm usually good. I think if I were you I would have just walked out.

The yarn looks great. I love the stuff from Rhinebeck--kind of a Raven quality to it, don't you think? Like the overdyed look? I really like it. And the time you took on the Femme really shows. Great job! You're coming so far; it's really exciting to watch!

keri said...

Whoa - navajo plying already - you rock!! =)

Shewolfy said...

Okay- I am seriously impressed. I am terrified to try Navajo plying. I have watched videos and tried it with left-over bits, but it always seems to break on me. What you did is absolutely beautiful! And that bamboo - was it hard to spin? Does it have a short staple? I am tempted to try some myself.