Monday, April 28, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Ever have one of those weekends were you look forward to work on Monday? Well part of mine was like that. It did not involve any wool - maybe that is part of the reason why it felt horrible. It started friday night. Around 5 I went to take Snickers out for a walk and she didn't want to go?! When we finally got outside all she wanted to do was sit. So I brought her back inside and really started to worry. She could not keep her balance. She kept falling over. I called the vet and was told to come in as soon as possible. I called Hubby, he came home and off we went. Snickers just sat on my lap, there was no puppyness about her. I was getting very worried. The vet ran tests but everything came back normal. The vet thinks that there is a chance that she might have a brain tumor. She was showing the classic signs. Saturday she was pretty much back to herself, with only a few instances of balance problems. Right now we are at the watch and wait stage. If she has a serious episode again she will need x-rays to see if there is anything growing where it is not suppose to be. We have a good vet and he is nice. He took Hubby away from me and told him so I wouldn't be upset in front of everyone and he thought it might be easier to take from Hubby then him.

It is scary. Snick wasn't puking or pooping her brains out and none of the tests showed anything that would indicate poisoning (my in-laws had a problem with a neighbor throwing poison over the fence in an effort to poison their Yorkies years ago) She hadn't got into anything in here that I know of, and there are no signs that she did get into anything. It is just heart breaking really, my shadow is only 5 months old. My fingers are crossed that it was a fluke and will never happen again.

Sunday was a long day but in a good way. Hubby and I took Skywalker and Stepson to a Met game. Mommy got Hubby the tickets for his b-day and the seat were 8 rows behind the Met's dug out!!! Nice.

Stepson and skywalker

This was our view of home plate. Here is David Wright Batting.
5 batting

I also remembered to take a picture of the cascade fixation yarns
cascade fixation

In my store news, I have a bunch of yarn ready to go as soon as the sun comes out and I can get pictures. I also have some roving done and hopefully I will have the energy to do some more tonight. Work is really getting in the way of knitting, spinning and now this. It has some nerve huh? =)


Shewolfy said...

I really, REALLY hope Snickers is all right. Being owned by several dogs myself, I hear your worry.
The Mets games sounds like it was fun. I love games where you get to sit behind the dugout - we have done that before. And we get to go to a Rockies game on Sunday- someone gave us tickets. They aren't as good as yours, but it will be fun! I just hope the day is warm but not hot!

Shewolfy said...

Okay, here is try number two - I think I goofed and didn't get the first one sent properly.
I really, REALLY hope Snickers is all right. Our four- legged friends are very special, full of unconditional love.
The tickets for the baseball game sound great. I love sitting behind the dugout! We are going to a Rockies game on Sunday - I sure hope the weather is decent.

keri said...

Oh no how scary! I really hope she is ok - and that you are able to figure it all out soon.

Jill said...

Good vibes to Snickers...

Those are some great seats. Wow. I love me a good ball game--woohoo!

And congrats on the Etsy shop; I can't wait to check it out!!! I've been biting my tongue over here and then I didn't get to post after your announcement, so I wanted to be sure to say it now. :) Good for you and congrats again!

Karen said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you had such a lousy weekend. It's never good when the weekend leaves you looking forward to Monday. I hope Snickers is doing well and was just having an off day.