Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pretty stuff

These pretty things came in the mail yesterday. More roving from Enchanted Knolls Farms. Their stuff is very pretty and they are also eco-friendly. I like to support places like that.

This is Raven. Superwashed merino wool mixed with purple sari silk and sparkly stuff.

This one is Araucuna. Superwashed black merino with green sari silk and sparkly stuff.

I am thinking of spinning each one then plying them together.

I have not bought yarn for myself in a while (over a month here people) but I am definitely on a roving binge. So I guess I am making my own yarn.

There is something I have been working on over here in Qutecowgirl land and I am really getting nervous. I am almost ready to start. Only 3 people know about it. I think it is strange that I am nervous about this. I usually just dive right into something, so why am I worried? Even if it totally goes done in flames, it would not be that bad. Anyway when I have everything set I will make the big announcement.



Toni said...

Whoo hoo! A blog cliffhanger!

Shewolfy said...

Pretty, pretty fibers. Oooohhh...
And you have certainly managed to get my curiousity up!