Friday, April 25, 2008

It is Friday!!

Drum Roll The Big News Is .......Etsy!! Yep I have my own little virtual store. After much prodding from certain family members cough Hubby cough Mom cough Aunts cough I finally did it. I ordered my yarns,dyes,roving and even some material about 2 weeks ago. Have I received it all? Nope. I did get the yarn and dyes so I have been able to start. I wanted to open today but well I do not think it is a good idea to open with 2 skeins. I am doing some today so I am hoping I will be ready the first. You know how it goes..the best laid plans...yadda yadda.

Contest winner is.........Karen G. Your prize is.....any one thing from my shop (when I have stuff in it of course)

Anyway, the kiddies and I have been off this week (meaning little time to do what I want to do) we went to Ikea to get a new couch since well the kiddies broke the other one with their cannon ball practices. My kiddies can be sneaky when they want to be. I do not remember being as sneaky as they can be so lets blame Hubby for their sneakiness. =) Love Ya Hubby =)

I also got to go to my RA dr and I was showed how to inject myself. Hold it like a dart and basically throw it into my leg like a dart!! Ha Ha. I had already picked up the needles and liquid chemo. When she told that the needles were 25 gauge needle the first thing I thought of was knitting gauge. It was surreal to see this needle just sitting in my leg. Good news is that I only felt the alcohol burn. So next Friday will be my turn. Right now I am saying I can do myself. Hopefully I will be able too. =)

My Mom and Aunt R came for a visit on Wednesday and Aunt R was a real sweetheart and watched the kiddies while I took Mom to the yarn store. Guess what people she now has a stash!! Wahahaha! Everything is going according to my plans! She bought more sock yarn and some mohair yarn to make a stole (or wrap as she says). She turned 1 heel and started gusset decreases. I also tried to get my Aunt R back into crocheting. I am still working on her (but she did leave with a pattern book) =)

Yes I did leave with some yarn. 3 balls of Cascade Fixation. It is sock yarn so it doesn't count as stash. I also have no pictures of it. Next time.

Well the kiddies are being quiet and you know what that means... they are up to something. Gotta go.


Karen said...

Really???? I won!!!! I have been on a roll lately - my karma must be seriously good right now. :) Thank you so much!! You know, I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to pick something for me - I love surprises! But if you'd rather I pick something myself just let me know. What ever works best for you!!

Yarn shopping sounds like fun - and was probably good to help get your mind off your worries. I know you are going to be just fine with the injection on Friday. I'm always here if you need me!!

Heather said...

Yaaayyy!! I can't wait to shop!!

Toni said...

Congratulations on the store! I think not opening with only 2 skeins was probably a wise move. There's daring and then there's just insane. :)

Good luck!!!!!!

keri said...

Hurray, how exciting! I can't wait to check out your shop!

Shewolfy said...

That is totally cool news! Good for you! I'll check in on it now and then, for sure.