Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Is Open!!

Well I wanted to get my little Etsy store open before the first and I did it!! (early even!) I do not have everything listed, like a few hanks of yarn and the roving that I have not taken pictures of yet. So here it is people. My Store. Hubby came up with the name Barn Yarn. = ) I never would have thought that me, more country girl then city girl, would be living on Long Island NY and dying yarn (and hopefully selling it)

I still have some tweaking to do with the appearance and I am sure some of the descriptions could be better. It probably was not the smartest thing in the world to write up the descriptions while I have a huge head ache (not going to use the m word). It was pretty cool though that when I went and looked after I listed everything people had already looked at some of the yarns. Cool.

A BIG Thank You to everyone with the good thought about Snickers. So far she has been her normal puppy self and I would like to keep it that way.
here she is while we were waiting for the school bus today.

Last night we went to the Met game (yep another one). The seats were behind home plate (about 10 rows behind) love that section. You can order the food and then they bring it to you. No waiting on lines!!! Love it!!!! It was also very cold to me anyway (damn chemo) and we stayed only to the 6th inning.

Carlos Beltran Baby!!!

Hubby and I at the met game
Here we are. Wow I look pale. Hubby has already gotten some sun so he makes Irish/Dutch skin girl look even paler. Yes I am wearing my Islander scarf. It was 39 when we were going home at 9:15. I am going to miss Shea. Our first date was a Met game almost 8 years ago.

Here is some of the roving that I have that I did not blog about. I am pretty much on the no more yarn and roving until Rhinebeck rule or I will not be able to get much at Rhinebeck.

I bought these 2 kits from Blue Moon Fibers (they make the Socks that Rock yarn) It is 8.5 ozs of superwashed merino top with directions on how to spin it into Socks that Rock yarn. I randomly picked Jail House Rock and Fire on the Mountain.
jailhouse rock
Jail House Rock

fire on the mountain
Fire on the Mountain. A little spooky story with this. I received it on my brothers birthday (Happy Birthday) and while I was talking to him on the phone he was getting ready to go fight a forest fire. Upstate (from Long Island) NY, where I am from it has been dry and there is always some idiot who does something stupid that starts a fire. Hopefully the rains that they got yesterday helps enough that they are able to put the fires out.


Toni said...

Congratulations on the store!!! The yarns look lovely.

Alas, some of us are just destined for paleness--I used to be tested for anemia every time I visited a doctor's office until I made them write "Just REALLY pale" in my chart. Kinkos informed me that I was the first passport photo they ever had that was rejected for being too pale! :)

Karen said...

Ooooohhhh, your shop is open!!!! How exciting. Your yarn is all so gorgeous - I bet you are going to be very successful. :) :) :)

So glad Snickers is feeling better.

mom said...

Toni's problem w/paleness sounds like yours, remember in elem. school,they always said that too.

haven't check the store yet, can't wait.

snick looks good.

you & hubby look good tooooo.

love you guys mom

mom said...

Just looked at YOUR store, here's a dumb question, are the names of the yarn yours? poodle skirt is sooo right. good luck honey!!

Shewofly said...

Your own Etsy shop -congratulations, and I'll be going over to have a look!
Those kits from Blue Moon look just luscious. I'll have to try one this summer some time. I just ordered their pattern for that cool sock monkey that the Yarnharlot showed on her blog, from sock camp.
I hope Snickers stays okay. And I'm still looking forward to the Rockies game on Sunday. I just hope they don't stink it up that day!
I'm off to check out your shop!