Monday, April 21, 2008

I might have a problem....and a contest.

Might. A box arrived on saturday and well I kinda forgot I ordered stuff From the Loopy Ewe. This of course means that my yarn/roving budget is now in the red. Ooops. At least it was not a huge order. = )
(Can I use chemo brain as an excuse?)

I bought a Loopy Water bottle. To combat the chemo I have been drinking a ton of water (helps fight the side effects) and well I do reuse water bottles but they can really be cleaned and then they get icky so I bought a nice one.
water bottle
and it is such a pretty red too!

I have apparently broke my no new yarn buying too. Panda Cotton. It is 59% bamboo 25% cotton and 16% elastic nylon. I guess I was thinking summer socks. The color is Faded Jeans. It is a new yarn to me, so we shall see how I like it.
Panda cotton

I also bought roving (what a big surprise!) This is Lone Star Arts Neapolitan. 2 - 4oz braids. Reminds me of summer and Birthday parties.
I only took a picture of one. 100% superwashed Merino

Lastly is Lorna's Laces Shepherd wool top in Devon. Much prettier in person. I couldn't get the color right. 100% superwashed merino. There are 2 - 5oz bundles. (again only one in the picture)
it is blue in real life

I really like the Loopy Ewe. The service is great,and shipping is fast. They also always add a little something to each order. This time it was a Loopy sock kit. Directions and enough yarn to make a little sock. So cute! I am thinking Christmas ornament.
loopy goodies

Oh Look at what new toy Hubby bought for me. (Yes I am spoiled, very much so - just don't let him know. He is spoiled too - trust me)
my new toy
(wow my sunset cow is dusty!!)
It is an iPod Touch!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I had the original shuffle (the one that looks like a pack of gum) and used it all the time. Almost 4 years later it is time for an upgrade. Plus that little speaker system plays the music as well as my big stereo did (before it bit the dust) It also holds pictures, movies, surfs the web via WiFi, pda and emails. Seriously it is a mini computer.

No knitting yet, just getting stuff ready for my big thing. Any guesses? You can't guess Jill (since well you know) =) Anyone guess correctly wins something. If more then one correct guess I will randomly pick a winner (meaning names into a hat and one of the kiddies picks a name) Not sure what the prize will be yet but I can almost promise it will be from a sheep =) Lets put the deadline friday at noon. =)


Aunty said...

I guess I can't be in the contest either, huh? I think you might want to give folks a sly hint or two to be sure you have a winner.

When I looked at the Neapolitan, I thought food. Then I read your comment that it made you think of summer and birthdays. Then I said (palm/forehead): "Neapolitan! Of course! I was right! Food!" Neapolitan ice cream is usually chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in three blocks. Yum, yum. It does look delicious.

I like the faded jeans cotton mix too. I can see that as summer sox.

Lorna's Laces is pretty, even if the picture doesn't show the true blue.

Yes, I think you're entitled to use "chemo brain" as an excuse, although considering what a wool addict you are, I think it might be pretty easy to forget you ordered stuff. Maybe we need to keep a log, Missy?

Have fun with all your new stuff!


Karen said...

Heck yeah, you should milk the "chemo brain" excuse for all you can!! I've been shamelessly using the "look how brave I was to try the insulin pump" more than I should - even got my hubby to agree to take me to a fiber fest this Saturday and to see the Yarn Harlot at Webs on Sunday!!!! ;)

Okay, I have no idea what your big thing is. ("That's what she said" - I really hope you watch The Office on TV or I probably just scared you with that one!!) But I'll take a wild guess and say you are opening an Etsy store.

Jill said...

All right, I will keep my mouth shut...but it's not easy! LOL Perhaps I can get some more info to "tide me over" so I don't blab? ;)

Yes, I'm a sneaky one. Can't wait to hear more, either way. Love the new roving and the blue yarn. I hope you start it soon so I can hear how you like it...

keri said...

Ooh such yummy yarn and fiber - lucky you!

I have no idea what you're talking about so I will just wait and be excited with everyone else. =)

Aimee said...

I am pretty sure I know and will be seeing you this weekend :)

AfternoonMoon said...

I'm in the wait and see category as well. As for a "big thing", I would think it would be getting all those WIPs off the needles. I could never be able to keep up with all the projects. I am a project knitter as opposed to a task knitter, I knit mostly for the finished product and only slightly for the knitting itself.
But an ETSY store would be great with the gorgeous handspun I got to see a little glimps of.