Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baseball, Baseball and Spinning

Can I tell you that the tiredness and exhaustion from the chemo is starting to become really annoying! It is been 3+ months now and I am over the "Yeah it is working I can put up with the side effects, they are worth it". I am so tired and it sucks. I take 2 naps and sleep for about 8 hours a night. Sometimes the naps are not planned they are the kind that you wake up from and say hey when did I fall asleep?

Ok enough ranting. For Mothers day I received Met tickets. Front row baby =) It was so cold Monday. It was 45 with 20mph winds, which were constant. Sadly they lost but heck the seats were great!
got jose?
Got Jose?
David Wright.
and for the girls out there....
wrights butt
a nice view of David's butt.
Here is how close we were to the field
how close we were
The grass looked like carpet
pretty grass
A cute Hubby was spotted
one of my favorite pictures from the night

Last saturday we actually got to see Stepson play a game. So far this year skywalkers and stepsons schedules have conflicted but we did get one game so far.
Stepson baseball
His team won that game. Yeah A's

I have tried to get back to spinning and the other night I said screw cleaning up I am spinning. I am spinning Merino roving that I dyed myself. It was my first dyeing of roving and it came out so pretty that I decided to keep it. You know for sentimental reasons. (anyone believe that?)
This is the first bobbin. I have already started the 2nd and I am close to being done!! Maybe I can even ply it tonight!!

In the knitting front I did finish a pair of socks. I do not even think I blogged about them. I will hopefully take pictures tomorrow (I still have to weave in the ends). I also started a scarf using my own handspun yarn. (again pictures tomorrow)

I need to go charge the camera battery and hopefully finish up spinning.



Karen said...

Ugh, I totally understand what a drag it is when your medication leaves you feeling so crappy. :( Hang in there - and I'll send you lots of energetic vibes.

That handspun is absolutely gorgeous!!

Jill said...

Wow, the blues in that roving are amazing! Can't wait to see that bobbin knitted up...I'm drooling! :)

Sorry about the tiredness. That is the worst. Big hugs to you!!

Ps. Got the yarn from your Etsy shop the other day and it is GORGEOUS!! Love it! And thanks for the stitch marker--you're the best!!!

mom said...

very nice pics of everyone. and maybe i really didn't see you. white hat on all the time,hood up all the time??????

love mom

Shewolfy said...

Love the blue roving!!!!! My favorite color!
It sucks that you are feeling so tired all the time.
And those photos from the game? Very nice!