Friday, May 9, 2008

Like Father, Like Children

Yesterday was Skywalker's baseball game. I thought it would be great to bring my new camera and take pictures. I am sure other kids do this too but mine are good very good at it. You can stand there getting ready to take the picture and the child is smiling and you are thinking this is going to be a great shot. Click. Then you look a the picture and the child has a face on. They know exactly when to do it.
3 kids, 3 faces
The rabbit face
Drama Girl:
Drama Girl
The psycho look
the "Oh Yeah" look
After they were done I went to snap a picture of Hubby
Where they get it from
Like Father Like Children

I did get one shot of my girls that is mostly normal (and it only took 56 tries)
Not twins
No they are not twins. You would be surprised how many fight I have gotten into about that and yes it is a little sore point for me. Drama Girl is almost 2 years older but Buddah is .25 inches taller and 2lbs heavier. In our families you are either 5 foot or 6 foot so Drama Girl got the short genes and Buddah got the tall genes. I explained this to the girls and now Buddah tells people she is bigger because of her pants. = )

This is a shawl I knitted (it still needs to be blocked) for my Aunt who has the nerve to move to Florida. I am teasing of course. I will miss her but as long as she is happy. The yarn is cotton so she should be able to use it down south.
Sun flower shawl
It took 2 hanks. Both are the same color just different dye lots. Pretty neat.

I also started a hat today. Last time I dyed yarn I made a hank of Met colors for me. Hubby is taking me to Monday nights Met game and it is again going to be chilly.
Met hat
I like how the colors are pooling. It is like Mets camouflage.

not a lap dog
Snick thinks she is a lapdog

= )


Toni said...

Save all those pictures for when your children start dating, then have them as a regular slide show before their first dates......:)

The thought should get you through the next few years. :)

Marguerite said...

Only happy kids and husbands do that. You have a wonderful family.

My daughter is turning 40 next week and I still can't get a decent picture of her. It's just like you said, she knows the second to make the face. It's such a habit she can't stop even when I beg.

Jill said...

Gosh, I think they all do that (with the picture faces) but I'm glad you shared. That was hysterical. Needed on a Monday, too. :)

The hat looks cool. I love the Mets colors you made, they are so much fun!

Shewolfy said...

I love the "it's because of my pants" comment. Priceless!
I love the shawl for your aunt - the color change is perfect.
And have fun at the baseball game!

Karen said...

Too funny! Nothing like mugging for the camera, huh? So, maybe you're at the Mets game now, as I'm leaving this comment!! Hope you are having a wonderful time - and that you had a great Mother's Day too.

teabird said...

That's a beautiful shawl! What pattern did you use?

I hope you'll get back to the WBabylon Panera group soon...

mom said...

yeah, buddha's got daddy's looks goin'good. princess is good too and skywalker is absolutely the best,hes' soooo cute. i'm not partial or anything. loved the new camera pic's.