Monday, May 19, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

Well all of my photos (talking numbers in the thousands) and saved patterns (not as many as you would think) have finally caught up with my iBook. I went to upload pictures of finished knitting and spinning and new stuff that I dyed and I received a message that my free memory is low. Ok no problem I was going to get an external hd anyway. What I didn't realize was it was really low and the pictures only half uploaded. All 50+ pictures were half there. Of course I always click the option to erase the memory card after downloading so there were gone. I though maybe a few could be retrieved but anytime I clicked on them I was told that the file was incomplete. Oh well.

So I was going through my flickr account to see if there was anything I didn't blog about and I found roving that I never blogged!
Hopefully tomorrow I will get the external hd move some files and bingo I will be good to go!

So here we go...

Enchanted Knoll Farm is dear to me (shop found on and now they are selling stuff at the Loopy Ewe!). They have great stuff and they are a "green" business, so I like to support them.
Both of these are 100% merino top. The first is Beach Comber and the second is Deep Blue Sea. Similar but different.
beach comber
Deep blue sea

Next up is stuff I bought from Sakina Needles, which I do believe Shewolfy enabled (we are having a little fun battle of sorts trying to enable each other with fiber - right now I think she is winning since I caved and bought stuff)
This is Dale colorway in 100% superwashed merino. I have 8oz so hopefully I can spin enough to make something really cool (maybe for a certain nephew of mine).
This is way outside the comfort zone. Silk hankies. Basically people take the silk cocoon and do something to it and layer each one on top of each other. I have read about spinning it over at knitty and it seems easy enough.
Silk hankies
There are 10 hankies in each pile though I am not sure how many layers are in each hankie. Blue and purplish and red orange are the colors. Oh and the silk is Mawata. Not really sure about what that means either. Like I have said in the past I sometimes just jump into things. =)

So hopefully next time everything will be back to normal and I can show the knitting and spinning I have been up to.


Laurelena said...

Bummer about the lost pics :(

Anyhoo, you've been tagged!
Go to my blog :

Toni said...

Wow--it's so fascinating to see all the different fiber & then to see what it looks like once you spin it--which is never at all what I would have guessed. What fun experiments!

Note to self: Other people do FUN experiments......

Karen said...

Oh no, what a pain!!!! I can't even imagine how much time went into those 50+ pictures. :( Good for you for sounding remarkably calm about the whole thing.

The rovings are gorgeous though - I'm glad we got to see those.

mom said...

HI honey, i LOVE the beach comber & deep blue sea, very appropriate names. i think beach combers my fav.

i am awed by your "technical difficulties" ability to fix! you are amazing!

Are you really my daughter?

love you!

Shewolfy said...

That really stinks about your photos. I just got an external hard drive just for that purpose too - I love taking pictures.
The fibers you have are gorgeous. And spinning the silk should be interesting!

Jill said...

Oh, that stinks. I will have to remember that...I always check off erase after uploading. Never occurred to me that I would lose pics if the upload didn't work. Sorry to hear that. :(