Friday, May 30, 2008

Finished Object parade part 3

In this last installment I will be talking about the other thing that I was busy doing during the nice long Memorial Day weekend: sewing. I have been building a fabric stash, though it is still in the infant stage, and I wanted to try my hand at some project bags. I have one that I won from Keri and use it all the time and it is starting to get worn (no fault what so ever to Keri I just use it all the time).

So I pulled out some light weight denim and went to work. It was easier then I thought. I looked at many how to's that are out there on the web.
project bag closed
here it is closed

What fabric did Qutecowgirl use to line her bag?

project bag open

Why cow print of course!

I also tried something that didn't work out but I did turn it into a really cute bag

There are a couple of mistakes on this one. The cow print is jersey knit and well I tried to rush so I could be done quicker. So of course there are a few boo boos. I also put the handle on with the seam facing out. Oh well, it will look fine once I iron it.

With a left over piece I made a new pin cushion. My poor tomato was overwhelmed from all the pins and it was fall apart.
pin cushion
It is about a 7 inch cube.

Next time.... Something funky from Blue Moon.


Jill said...

Oooh, did you finally get your hands on some Socks That Rock?! I still don't have any yet...
Tell me! Tell me! ;)

Karen said...

How cute!! I find the first time I try any project bag is the hardest - then it gets so much easier after that. I think your first one came out great.

Jen said...

OOOhhhh...that's a very cool bag! I want to make one too! Where did you find the how-to?

Shewolfy said...

Hmm....more project bags means more projects...Great idea! I love it! I may have to go that route myself...