Monday, May 5, 2008

Secret Project Revealed!

Ok, The secret project has been shipped and received very well. So lets start from the beginning. Lobster Pot yarn was turned into a shawl for my Auntie C, who lives on Cape Cod. I made the pattern up as I went. All Was going well, I was knitting the border on and closing in on the end. Guess what happened?
the end of yarn
Yep I ran out of yarn. I called the store and no there was not any more and no real way way of getting another hank. So I stood there looking at it on the floor thinking. I only needed a few yards more. Well I was thinking about my triangle shawls and how one bunches up at the neck and how another doesn't stay on my shoulders. They needed a notch! Eureka!! I undid the cast on and unraveled it a few rows.
secret wip during neck
(I had to undo a little more then the picture shows)

When I finished the border I went back to the neck stitches and using a crochet hook finished the neck. Off to blocking it went.
secret blocking
It so worked!! I am very happy with the results. So much so I almost kept it. = )
(I took these pictures late at night, so just look at the shawl ok?)
Cape Cod Shawl
stays on with no problem.
Cape Cod shawl
Here is what was left. Not even a foot.
the ends



Abby said...

What a good idea! I never like the way shawls fit around the neck either. Someday, when I am feeling brave, I will have to try this.

Toni said...

Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention. (It's probably the source of a few forms of alcoholism, but they don't say that as often....)

Shewolfy said...

Okay, I am really, really impressed. That was such a neat way to solve two problems at once! And the shawl is beautiful.

Jill said...

Well done! Looks great. I've been dying to try some Lobster Pot yarn...where did you get it? (just curious)

keri said...

So pretty! You did a wonderful job - and very creative finishing too! =)