Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finished Object parade part 2

The second to last time I dyed yarn for my store I was dyeing some Met Inspired yarns and started thinking that I do not even have any for myself. Well that is just not right. So I dug out some worsted weight superwashed merino and dyed myself some.
I had received tickets for Mom's Day and I knew it was going to be cold and did not want a repeat of the last cold game so I sat down and made myself a hat.
met hat
My own pattern named it Kevin Hat. I have it mostly written out and will get it posted soon. It really is a cute and quick knit and can be sized up and down. I have made many of these.

I had a good amount of yarn left over and figured I could make fingerless mitts with the leftovers. Not knowing exactly how much was left I knitted these fingers down, knitted until I thought the cuff was long enough (didn't weave in the ends just in case I need to undo some) and knitted the second mitt. I had enough and I am thinking of adding the thumb gusset onto them. I really like the mitts with the thumb and it felt a little weird not having one.
met mitts
Pattern made up as I went and I tried to take good notes so I could write it out.

About a week ago I was sitting here, the kids were asleep and there was not much on TV. I had just frogged my tank I was working on (more about that in a sec) and felt a little like I had lost my mojo. I wandered over to my stash (about 10 feet really) and opened a bin and on top was my handspun Mermaid yarn. It was my favorite so far and I really wanted to make something out of it that I would wear. I did not want another scarf but I only had 99 yards. Kevin hat to the rescue! I messed with it a little to get the needle size right and with about 2 yards left over I had a nice warm squishy hat. Like I said before I love my pattern.

mermaid hat
this is my wow look at the spider on the ceiling look

Ok about the tank top. I was trying to use some cotton yarn from my stash which I thought and calculated that I would have plenty to make a tank that I was thinking about. Nothing fancy, just some seed stitch borders and a little waist shaping with a halter type top. I was almost 3/4 of the way there when I had commented on Toni's blog that I have wound up short on yarn a few times but everything had always worked out (can you see what was going to happen?) well that night I sat down to hopefully finish my tank and well it turned out I was on my last skein. I was just to the boob area and well 1 75 yard skein was not going to work. Unless of course I wanted to get propositioned. I should have seen it coming. The color was discontinued. I am sure I could have searched around to see if anyone had and extra 3 skeins laying around and I was going to. Then I tried it on. It was HUGE!!!!! Yes I knitted a gauge swatch and it lied! About the yardage and the gauge. So I frogged it. I figured the idea and pattern needed a time out. I have started something else with the yarn that is worked top down and I will just keep going until I run out. As for the pattern (which I really like my idea) well I need to find a different yarn that is not as heavy as I am thinking that it had something to do with the growth. Maybe bamboo or linen.

Next time part 3!
= )


Shewolfy said...

Love the hat and mitts! I should make some in Rockies colors! Although the last game we went to was warm, for once.
You've sure been busy. I really like the stuff you've been dyeing and designing.
By the way, I've started adding my knitting blog URL when I comment here. Not much there yet, but I'll get there.

AlisonH said...

Love the hats and mitts! I can never figure out where to look when photographing via a mirror.

Jill said...

Those hats mitts are so cute! Love them. You're gonna be toasty warm. Likin' the spider on the ceiling look, too. I have never really gotten the hang of taking pics of myself in FOs. I always hate them. Maybe I should try it anyway...

Shewolfy--you have a knitting blog now?! I have to go and see!! :)

Karen said...

Aww, sorry about the tank. It's such a drag when that happens.

The Mets hat and mitts are so cool!!