Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Camera Story

First I have Great News, my Mommy finished her first sock!!!
Mommy's first sock
Ta-Da!! I would say that this is a excellent first sock. Plus it fits!! (no picture though - Mommy take a picture please!)

Ok so I was at Skywalker's musical and I was taking some pre-start pictures when my camera decided to turn off. Okay, I turned it back on and tried to take a picture, it turned off. Okay check batteries - indicator say they are full. I switch the camera to play back mode then turn it on, it is showing me the pictures so then I turn it to camera mode. I get one picture before it decides to turn off again. Yeah this is going to be fun. Only 2 pictures and only one of them is Skywalker. Now my camera is about 7 years old, has been dropped, bumped and bang who knows how many times so maybe it is about time for a new one.
Only pic of Skywalker - he was a rain drop!
Old camera
Old Camera.

Plus it couldn't take very good close ups.
old camera's close up

Enter new camera. It is the Sony Cybershot (just like the old one). Smaller, more features and a touch screen. Plus it explains everything on the camera. No more trying to remember what setting does what.
new camera
Close ups
= )
(writing done on the camera!)
new camera's close up
(same distance as the old camera's close up)

Look what else it can do!
Snickers before:
Snick Sleeping
(not sleeping on the couch)

Here is Princess Snickers
Princess Snick

All for the Etsy store, I mean I do need a camera to take pictures of my yarns and stuff right? = ) Speaking of store, I dyed more yarns and they should be up either tonight or tomorrow night. (Abby- there will be a fingering Ketchup and Eggs posted. This time it stayed Ketchup and Eggs during the rinse and did not turn into Ketchup and OJ)

So I am off to take pictures (and play with the camera)

= )

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Shewolfy said...

Very, very cool new camera! And you are right, you need a decent camera for the Etsy shop - good photos really do make a difference.
Your mommy's sock came out great! It's fun to create a new sock addict- I mean knitter - isn't it?