Monday, May 26, 2008


Finally everything is working here again. You see I can not do thing easy sometimes. I did not just want an external hard drive that you plug in to my iBook (because then I would have to deal with loading it and ejecting it every time I wanted to use it) no I wanted it wireless. We have Apples here and with the Airport base station (that is the thing that sends out the signal so you can be wireless) you can hook up an external hard drive (or drop $500 for the new one that has a hard drive already it). So after about 2 hours of playing with it and trying not to beat the crap out of all of it with a baseball bat I am finally working. 300 gigs of memory waiting for me to fill with my crap = ) Gotta love technology.

So here I am almost a week later with the ability to post pictures, so where to begin. How about finished knitting!
scroll socks
Scroll Socks!
scroll socks
yarn: my own funky dyed (oh how I wish I could repeat this)
scroll socks
pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks!

I knitted the first sock in 2 days. Second 2 months. I kinda lost the sock mojo for a little while. Of course now it is too warm to wear wool socks.

Bamboo Scarf
bamboo scarf
Yarn: my own handspun (100% bamboo from Loop!)
bamboo scarf
Pattern: simple drop stitch every 3rd row
bamboo scarf
I didn't have much yardage, but I did have enough to make a shirt scarf. I like it = )

tie dye blue
This is 100% merino, 4 oz
tie dye blue
My own Blue Tie-dyed roving. This is my first time dying roving and I couldn't wait to spin it to see how it would look.
tie dye
More has been posted in my store!

More tomorrow!



teabird said...

All beautiful - especially the blue yarn. Mmmmmmmmmm!

Karen said...

So glad you are up and running again. You sure were busy on your "time off". Everything looks great! The socks are my favorite.