Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WooHoo! It is dry..

The Old Shale Shawl. I got the pattern from Spin Off and well I know I did not use handspun but I used Noro Silk Garden and it looks like handspun. I used 4 skeins and I do not know how many repeats. I basically kept going until the color length was not long enough to go all the way across then I casted off.
old shale blocking
of course blocking and taking pictures of shawl blocking is more important then hanging laundry, isn't it? = )
old shale close up
Love the colors
old shale edging
Picot edging
old shale shawl
Nice and dry (4 days later) Same color through out and the same dye lot too but the colors changed toward the end.
old shale shawl
and of course the picture using the bathroom mirror to try and get a descent picture and failing horribly =)

shark boy singles
Shark boy singular that were left over. I am going to use these to do a contrast heel toe thingie for a pair of socks for Skywalker



Karen said...

It came out so pretty. I think that yarn was a perfect choice for that pattern. I love the striping effect.

mom said...

wow,honey, that is beautiful. i hope you're keeping for yourself

Aunty said...

Beautiful shawl, cowgirl. One TINY criticism: you should probably lay it on a black or white surface to photograph. The brown background on the bed and the chair didn't do the colors justice. And why don't you get Hubby to photograph the back instead of struggling with taking a pic in the bathroom? The pic is nice, though. Really shows the shawl well.

I also LOVE Sheepy and Snickers. By accident I discovered that if you click on the animal and move your cursor around, they follow the cursor. How cute is that?

And I was surprised and happy to see you posting on Sunday and Monday. Must mean you're feeling better. Yahoooo!!!