Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look at what I made

Well the Stepson is here this weekend so what am I suppose to do with him around? Not work on his blanket. Ok no problem there are lots of things I could work on. The thing is that well it is just today that I can not work on it, tomorrow when he goes home it is back to the blanket. I am almost done with number 12 then I get to sew it together. I am hoping to get the starting the border by the end of tomorrow.

Anyway I needed something short and sweet. I have the new Cat Bordhi book "New Pathways for Sock Knitters" and well all the trial socks are baby socks. Short and sweet. The thing is that you need stitch markers marked A,B,C, and D. I do not have anything like this. So what am I to do? There are plenty of beautiful stitch markers on Etsy and other online stores but problem a) I need them now and b) I can not see spending up to $20 for stitch markers that I could easily make.

Years ago I use to do a ton of beading and I still have a good amount of the stuff left in one of those plastic shoe boxes. So I pulled it out and got to work (after I raided the Daughter's beads for alpha beads)

Here are the results. (I seriously have to try to take better pictures)


Then I was like 'wow that was quick and easy I think I will do some more'

Here are some green ones
Green stitch markers

Here are some what I think are Chinese characters ones:
character markers

These look kinda like eye balls but they are really swirls:
eyeball markers

Last but not least I have for ya these stones wrapped in gold wire ones:
stones wrapped in wire markers

Not bad for an hour huh? I also of course went thru my beads and organized them so that took about another hour. I have this really big urge to run out and buy more beads. Though really I would like to get some different alpha beads and make another set.

Well I am off to try one of those socks!!!
(I am not mentioning my health since well I do not want to jinx anything)



Marguerite said...

Very nice. I'm so impressed.

I probably would have scribbled on a plastic marker pin with a Sharpie.

Your markers are much classier.

Jill said...

Wow. They look great. Nice job! Hope you're feeling better... Can't wait to see the final blanket product. :)

Jen said...

The stitch markers look great!! I have done the exact same thing with my leftover beads from long ago...I agree with the urge to run out and buy more to make more! I am excited to see the finished blanket!

Shewolfy said...

I love your stitch markers! Really, really neat. And I can't wait to see the blanket.