Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Roving =)

At this rate I am going to have more roving than yarn (kidding I am no where close). So far the plan is a wheel for my B-day - my fingers are crossed. =)

I have 2 things that I forgot to post about during the sickness of the past 2 weeks.

First up roving.

Keri had these dark and light battlets that were the first ones of hers that I wanted. Well she nicely gave me a heads up (Thank You Keri!!) when she posted more and I proceeded to buy them real quick!!

My picture taking skills sometimes suck big time, but here they are.

dark light 1
dark light 2

98% superwash and 2 % icicle (ooo spark-il-y)

The other is a hat that I made using my Kevin hat pattern and changing it (of course). I added ribbing and cables. It was for a friend but it didn't fit (she has a really big head) and she made me promise not to rip it out. So it has been sitting there.

shaymaa hat top
shaymaa hat2
Shaymaa hat

Buddah played with it a bit during our photo shoot, so the brim looks flared but it really isn't.



Marguerite said...

Even though I'm not a spinner, I would love some of that roving just so I could pet it. It looks so soft and pretty.

Same for Snickers. I'd love to be able to give her a snuggle and pet and then hand her back to you.

Last time we had a puppy (Sunny, six years ago) I promised myself I would remember how much work they are.

The next dog we got was older, Pappy the rescue dog, who had so many "issues" from his former life that he was as much work as a puppy. Fortunately he's a very smart dog and successfully adapted to a normal dog life with lots of love and spoiling.

Anonymous said...

Oooh yummy battlets! =) The hat is so pretty - love that color!

Shewolfy said...

The roving is lovely, lovely. I hope you get the wheel for your bd. I have borrowed one and I am loving it, too. I am currently trying to save for my own wheel.