Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As I am typing The Stepson Blanket is in the dryer drying so I can put the border on it when it is dry. It needed to be washed. Last night while I was finishing all of the sewing Snickers tried to help (ALOT!!!!) I know The Stepson likes Snickers but I do not think he wants her slobber all over his blanket.

So here is the quick project. I self taught myself Magic Loop (which makes knitting in the round quick) I did the first baby sock in the book Little Sky Sock. The whole time I was knitting this sock I said to myself a number of times "How is this going to be a sock?" and at the end it was a sock!! I really like this whole sock construction in a totally different way. I really want to make all of them.

Cat socks ML

I also have made a little progress on my Toe-Up, No Purl, Chart Upside Down Monkeys. I switched to 2 circs and it is going faster (If only my RA would cooperate I could have a pair of socks!!)

Monkey 2 circs

I am close to the heel.

Yes little to show so I thought well what about cute puppy pics. Sounds good but well she is getting as bad as the kids with trying to get a good picture.








I have to go check the dryer now, I have a border to knit on!!


Jill said...

Wow, you are FAST on those no-purl monkeys! Are they way quicker than the regular monkeys? I'm dying to make a pair, but if they take as long as my reg. monkeys are taking I may not have the patience. ;)

Shewolfy said...

Cool socks! And Snickers is just adorable. Congrats on that blanket.