Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What to do....

When I have knitted my butt off in the past week to finish The Stepson's Blanket (which he loves) and really really do not feel like knitting? I know sounds impossible right?, But I went to get blood work done this morning and did not bring any knitting!! I think part of it has to do with being so tired and right now I have a huge headache (not a migrain thank goodness!)

So what did I do? First off I pulled out the beads again and made another 4 sets of stitch markers. I am sorry about the picture. It was late and the batteries were going.

more stitch markers

They other thing I did, well they are still drying, I am hoping tomorrow I will be able to blog about them. I also did a little yarn shopping. I was very good and did not harass the mailman today, though I am not sure about tomorrow.


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Shewolfy said...

A day off can be a good thing. I really like the stitch markers you have been making.