Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Yarn P0rn!

Well yesterday I got another package of yarn! But first updates!

Mom's second Dove sock is now a few rows pass the heel. Guess what happened? The d%mn cable popped out on this cable while I was decreasing. This is the second of the first set. Come on Knitpicks do you really make them this crappy or am I just lucky to receive the set that both cables were defective? I managed to push the cable back into the metal piece and it stayed. I didn't switch the cable for one of the newer ones yet but I will when I start knitting on it again (after I go stash diving to find the other ball - you think I would learn by now to get all the yarn I need.)

2nd sock

Here is the Noro cake

noro cake

here is my sock so far

noro sock1

I can see how this yarn can be addicting with the whole " I'll keep going until I get to the next color" thing cause that is what happened so far. =)

Okay here is my Socks That Rock

The first one is Scottish Highlands in heavyweight

STR h scottish highlands

str scottish highlands

here is Rook-y in medium weight from the raven series

STR m Rook-y raven series

with flash to try to show the pink,green and blue

str rook-y

I have been petting these 2 skeins alot (I have them sitting right next to my iBook) and I want to knit them now!!! The Rook-y most likely will become Bellatrix by Momma Monkey as a thank you and as a memorial to a great sock designer (in case if you didn't know Momma Monkey lost her battle with lupus a few weeks ago. She was the person behind Socktopia and a brilliant designer) She will be missed.


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Shewolfy said...

Yarn porn indeed! Lovely yarn. I have heard that some of the knitpicks needles do this -yet I am ordering a few tips and cables to try out anyway!:)
Isn't the STR yarn just lovely? I have the Raven clan Haida and Korpi colors... I want to order more in other colors and boy is it hard to control myself!