Monday, February 25, 2008

That was fast!!

I received the cables today!!! That was way fast. (How come yarn doesn't arrive that fast?) Anyway I should be on my way soon. I am a little slow because once again I am sick. Why yes this is getting really annoying!! I was told today that when I reach my dosage (which should be where I am at right now hopefully) and then wait a while for my immune system to even out, I won't be getting sick every week. This time it is not bronchitis it is strep. Most of the weekend I thought it was just the side effect kicking my butt, but last night I could not swallow without pain. My problem will be is that until everything gets use to the drug I will be getting sick and quickly (and that is going to be fun with 3 kiddies around huh?)

Anyway, on to the good news. I received my shipment from Webs. So lets bring on the yarn p0rn!! (it always makes me feel better)

ultramerino4 123

This is Artyarns Supermerino 4 in colorway 123 (my favorite). Supermerino 4 is like a sport weight/DK. It suggests size 4 needle. Oh as a little side note i am now using Flickr for my pictures so feel free to click on them to see a bigger picture

Next up is Artyarns Handpaint Stripes in 2 different colorways. 123 and 108. This is worsted weight and this lovely 123 will become a matching hat to my cabled wristwarmers. 108 I am not sure, but most likely something for the girls.

artyarns handpaint strpies 108


artyarns handpaint stripes 123


Lastly is something new to me. Noro Kureyon sock yarn. I have heard much about this stuff (going both ways) and when I ordered the yarn it looked blah and I was thinking to myself why am I ordering this stuff?

noro sock yarn

This is what it looked like on the website. Well I bought it anyway. I have heard tons about how the coloring of Noro is to die for and some people would be happy to just knit with Noro for the rest of their lives. So basically I crossed my fingers.

noro sock2
This is the side view. Now I was getting happy. After picture taking was done I wound it up on the trusty ol ball winder and boy I am happy. I think the reason why this was the only colorway left was because of that blah picture. Works for me. Next time I will show you the cake picture, very pretty.

Yes I started knitting it too! It did feel very rough while I was winding it, but the knitted part feels softer. I have also read that when you wash it the yarn blooms kinda like linen and becomes much softer.

Well That is what is going on over here. I am sick and now I have lots of yarn (between webs and my dying and more still to come) and no energy to knit it. Figures right?



mom said...

aaawwww, honey, sorry you're sick again. taking meds? for the strep?
i really had a nice visit last week. i can't wait for spring so you can kind of trust the weather to be okay for the trip.
love you and your husband and most naturally the kids! ! ! ! !

Jill said...

:D That's the way it always goes...lots of yarn = too tired, too sick, or too busy to knit. LOL Get better!