Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ta Da

They are dry and the sun was out so I got some really nice pictures. This is what I spent the past weekend doing: Dying yarn. I had fun and just played around and granted some did not come out how I pictured but I love how they all came out.

First up is 2 hanks of dk weight yarn.
This one was done in the mircowave. Yellow on one side and blue on the other makes green in the middle.

blue to yellow2

blue to yellow

This is the other DK one. The dye bath was dark purple. The red I was using seems to soak up really really quickly so by the time it got to the middle it was mostly blue. It looks like tie dye and I love this one. This was a "Happy accident".

purple and blue

purple and blue2

Next up is fingering weight yarn.

This was done on the stove too. Different purple mix and I just placed the yarn in and swirled it just a little. I usually do not move the yarn much in the pot. I like the molted colors that come out this way.


This next one was also done on the stove. I left this one a little longer then usual and well the water slightly boiled and the color is more uniform. There are variations in color, they are just more subtle.


This one was done in the mircowave. Blue to green.

blue to green
blue to green2

This last one was done with leftover dye. I added black to mute out the brightness but still show the color (totally inspired by the raven series from Socks that Rock) The bottom is green then it goes into blue then red. The red again was absored real quick and left the black dye behind. I have no clue why or how. I like how it turned out very much.

green to red
green to red2

Well that is what I did. I kinda got back my mojo. I started socks yesterday for my mommy using the New Pathways book and well shortly (like in about 20 after i get off the computer) I will have 1 sock done. My mommy also came over today for a visit and she tried it on and it fits great. Yes I was totally wondering how the heck it was going to fit correctly while I was knitting it. I should just trust Mrs.Bordhi and from now on I will.

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Shewolfy said...

OH!OH!OH! I love your yarns! The Happy Accident is wonderful! And what did you use for black in your ravenclan inspired yarn?