Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pretty Yarn (part 2) Plus....

Okay here is the rest of the yarn I bought.

This is Cherry Tree Hill's Sockittome in Jewels. I love this yarn, well actually I have yet to meet a CTH yarn that I do not love. This is also the yarn that started the whole sniffing thing. There is just something about the smell. Yes I do sniff all my yarn and yes I know it is a strange thing to do. Next time you go to a yarn store ( a real yarn store not a chain craft store - watch people. I can almost guarantee someone will sneak a sniff)

cth yarn

450 yards of yummy.

This is Brown Sheep's Wildfoote. The color is Rock n Roll. I bought this yarn to try a new sock yarn and because of the name.
Very scientific.

wildfoote sock yarn

Here is the plus part. Keri has been making these real adorable battlets, that she sells in her Etsy shop I have wanted these light dark ones that she has had a few times. She also had a lovely candy cane battlett. I checked everyday to see if it was there. Of course when I went to buy it, someone else had bought it (darn christmas shopping - making me wait). When I saw a valentine's day version I bought it right away. This was a friday night. Monday I came home from work and there it was. Why yes I did rip into it before I even had my jacket off.

Here is Hearts Afire. 95% BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) and 5% icicle (spark-a-ly) a little over 3 oz

hearts a flame

I tried to get a good shot of the sparkle but my camera didn't want to cooperate. It is very soft and I really want to spin it now. I am a little torn between spinning it now on my hand spinner or stashing it until I get my wheel. Well it is sitting next to me right now and well I think I will hand spin it.

I have already ordered different ones from her. I am also awaiting something else in the mail too and the waiting is becoming really annoying.



kmckiernan said...

Awe you're so sweet, thank you so much! =) I can't wait to see how they spin up and did you mention wheel??? What kind?? =)

Also I just got really excited, I just saw my batts on ravelry in your stash!!! I'm a what they call "Yarnie" over there now, someone who sells yarn or fiber so I should be in the database, add your batts to my yarnie page will you?? Here's the link -


Jill said...

ooh, very nice. Me likey. Me likey battlets. Me WANT battlets... :D

Love the new batting; the sparlies are beautiful, and I think you captured them just fine. Can't wait to see what you whip up with it! Go, girl!

mom said...

the Cherry Hill IS very pretty and the Heart of Fire is also...