Monday, January 14, 2008

Yes I am still alive

Yes I know I was going to post wednesday and I had every intention too. Alas, I had problems. Wednesday afternoon I had my Dr appointment. Now part of the "normal" routine is for her to flex my affected joints (which at this point is almost every one) to check stiffness, range of motion and pain. She is lucky I like her. By the time I got home I could not move and couldn't get to sleep until early am from the pain. Thursday was also bad, but in no way as bad as wednesday.

Which brings me to friday. Hubby took off and we ran out food shopping. Friday was also the day I started my new medication. I get to take this lovely drug once a week, in one dose (right now I am at half dose to see if my body can handle it - isn't this great?!) I was informed that I had a few hours before the side effects kicked in. Well my luck is - I got about 30 minutes. We where about 2 isles into food shopping before I felt....disconnected (like cold meds but stronger) . Yeah it was fun. When we got home and everything was put away I went to bed. I was out like a light. Next morning I didn't feel tired or much disconnection but boy was I dizzy. Hubby had to help me walk or I would have fallen. Sunday was much better just queasy.

As you can probably can figure out I can not take this stuff during the week, so basically my weekends are shot. Most likely these side effect will not lessen much since I only take it once a week and the dosage will increase.

What makes all of this great fun worth it - I can already feel a difference. I knitted on my monkey socks for about an hour and feel great. Granted it is still there, I feel it, it still hurts but it is not front and center screaming it's head off. Now everyone please cross their fingers that this one works. Thank You.

Ok knitting time. Here are my monkey socks.

Yarn :Rhinebeck (if anyone recognizes it let me know - it is from a booth that also had crated sheep dogs)
mods: toe-up and no purl. I also forgot to turn the chart around so they are also upside down.

I know you really can not see the pattern. Love the yarn. Love the colors. Who would have thought I would pick this!?

my monkeys

I also have this. It is a sock for Son. He asked for a pair of red socks.

yarn: swish - red pepper
pattern: 3x2 ribbing , toe up, short row heel

It fits great. I have already started the other one but I am only a few rows into the toe

sons sock

Here are my re-invented fingerless mitts. Since I only had a set amount of yarn I knitted these fingers down. I had to restart the right mitt 3 times, since I kept putting the thumb gusset on the wrong side. First time I was almost done with the mitt. Second I was only half way. Third time is the charm. = ) I can not believe I sat there knitting away before realizing I did not have 2 left hands, twice.

fingerless mitts

Ok that's it for now. Next time the rest of the yarn and something really nice!!



Jill said...

Oh, boy...sounds like quite a medication! I'm so glad to hear it's working, though. :) I'm sure that your body will adjust a bit, even with the increased dosage, don't worry. The socks (both) look great. And I'm adoring your unknown yarn!

Heather said...

Hang in there- I'm sending pain-free/hope the meds work/happy knitting vibes your way!

xoxoxo- Heather