Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th Everyone!! Here it is raining and icky, but we are hoping that the weather clears for the BBQ and fireworks later.

Lets see yesterday I had to get bloodwork done (my normal monthly routine) and this time I made an appointment which according to the vampires reduces the wait. Ok now my normal wait is about an hour and a half, my reduce wait time turn out to be an hour and 25 minutes. Ummm ... yeah reduced wait my_______. Granted they did tell the truth but I do not consider 5 minutes a reduced wait. I did however finish 1 Just one Fix 2 sock. No picture though since well battery needs charging. I thought it would be great to not have to buy batteries but I have found that I forget to charge the batteries now. = P

I do have pictures of some of my summer stock up. You know if for some strange reason I run out of yarn. (not likely to happen for a few years if I ever stop buying more yarn)

Today's stash enhancement is brought to me by the Loopy Ewe.
loopy ewe sock bag

What a cute little bag! Perfect for traveling knitting! My favorite part - the keychain attached.

key chain

Inside there is some.....
Malabrigio in chestnut.

and 2 skeins of Claudia Handpainted Sport shorts (what a mouthful)

purple earth
in Purple Earth.
CHP  purple earth
The colors are amazing. It was on my wishlist for a while and when it came back in I grabbed it.

hiya hiya needle
A Hiya Hiya needle to replace the one Snick got to. New to me we shall see how it works out.

Well everyone I hope you have/had a great and safe 4th!!!



Abby said...

I used Hiya Hiya for the first time on the Big Bad Baby Blanket. They are very close to being comparable to Addi Turbos. We are having *perfect* weather here, so I am spending most of the day in the yard. Hope the rain stops for your BBQ.

Toni said...

I LOVE the bag and the keychain!!! And the yarn,, of course, but I'm trying not to think about that (6 more months!).

And a big raspberry to the doctor's office! Why is their time any more important than yours????? I hope you had lots of knitting with you! Could a little lace bribery get you in faster...?


Karen said...

Wow, that is some awesome loot!!! Love the Malabrigo. ;)

That wait for blood work is ridiculous. And I agree, 5 minutes less is nothing.