Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What is a girl to do

when there is money just sitting there in the paypal account? Well if you are me you go out an buy some alpaca!! = ) I have been really enjoying spinning up Spunky's stuff and while I was looking around her site I found some alpaca that well I loved the colors =)
Sangria Alpaca
Sangria in 8oz of 100% Alpaca
After I received it and I was admiring it and seriously think about dropping everything and spinning it, it dawned on me that the name sounded familiar - I have 4 oz of Sangria in BFL. Like I said I loved the colors = )

I also found this, which sadly was not available in alpaca, Vineyard in BFL.
Vineyarnd BFL
BFL is another one I like to spin so even though it is not alpaca I think I will be ok ; )

After my little splurge at Spunky's I still had a little left so off to The Loopy Ewe (you know just to see what they had new) and they just got some Malabrigo in. Mmmmm. Anyway with the paypal and my Loopy credit I basically just had to pay for shipping on this:
Oceanos. Very Pretty. I have 6 of these lovely bundles that will become my next sweater.

Speaking of sweaters The Emerald is progressing nicely. I am now working on the body and will have pictures next time.



Karen said...

Great purchases!!! Much prettier than having a balance sitting in PayPal. Enjoy your spinning . . . and knitting with the Mmmmalabrigo. ;)

Jill said...

Mmmmm...yummy! I love that yarn. I'm working on my first Malabrigo project right now (Malabrigo Loafers) and it. is. amazing. Can't wait to see you lady sweater progress. That is my next project, I think. Seems like it's going quickly, huh? (good news for me)