Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Oops! are done.

That is what I am calling my MIL bday socks. =) They are done done and done!
MIL Bday socks


I stole the size 8 needle tips from the Luna Moth Shawl and started The Emerald Sweater (aka the February Lady Sweater) I am now a little past the second button hole. I used a new button hole and well it works great I am just glad that the button will cover my mess. It is not bad at all it is just a little loose on one side making it look a little wonky. Blocking may fix it but I am not worried at all about it.

feb sweater

I am using Cat Bordhi's increase method for the increases and it is coming out pretty invisible.

My Feb Sweater

I am also loving the color!!!! Who would have known I was such a green person, though I think I just really love deep rich colors. Well the Emerald Sweater is a calling. I am hoping to get to the 3rd button hole tonight.


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Karen said...

I agree - that emerald color is beautiful. It's going to be an awesome sweater!!