Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is Wednesday and that means...

it is WIP wednesday. I always forget about WIP wednesday and I really almost did this time too. It really just happened.

I have socks!
too bad they do not match! = ) On the left is the Just One Fix 2 sock on the right is Pulsations sock by Amy King ( link here)
pulsation sock
pulsation sock
I know the pattern gets a little lost in the colors but I love the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill supersock DK in Northern Lights - bought from the Loopy Ewe using a gift cert from Mommy) and love the pattern.
(btw this is the sock that Snick messed with. I used dpns for about 2 rounds before I was saved by a new needle in the mail a Hiya Hiya needle. Very nice almost like the addi and better imo the the knitpicks)
The mates to these will be awhile, my MIL b-day socks have to be finished by the 26th. So far on sock one...
MIL Bday socks
Yarn is Claudia hand painted short sport in Oops. What you see in the picture is about an hour while watching the Mets play. One reason that the sock is flying is I am using an Addi Turbo. I LOVE the Addi turbo! I thought my other needles were smooth and fast but they got nothing on the addi. The addi's were also very easy on my hands, which have been bothering me of late (from over use)

I also have started the Luna Moth Shawl. I have knitted chart 1 and 2.5 of 6 repeats of chart 2
luna moth
luna moth
luna moth
I like the mix of beads, some shiny some black and some colored matte. I do believe the shawl will be a little on the heavy side from all of the beads. I also might not make it to a finished chart six, I might run out of beads first. It is going to be tight. I know how many beads I need and I know about how many there are in a container (I am using 2) but there is a margin of error of about 50 beads. That is half a chart. I really do not want to count the beads so I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I am off to knit the MIL bday socks and hopefully not be distracted = )

Do not worry Mommy I am working on something for you but well you read the blog. It wouldn't make sense to blog about it would it? = )


Toni said...

I love how the Luna Moth is looking! Excellent bead choice. And luckily for me, I'm only slightly tempted--then I remember it's lace and I don't think I can face any lace for a few months.....:)

Laurelena said...

Lots of socks! Are you doing Summer of Socks?

I really like the Luna Moth Shawl. I have that in my queue. It's so lovely, and with those rich dark colors, it's very luxurious.

Karen said...

Love WIP Wednesdays because I get to see all your wonderful projects. That shawl is particularly spectacular. Hope the bead quantity ends up to be +50 instead of -50. :)

Aunty said...

Wow, that Luna Moth Shawl is gaw-jus! The beading is a terrific idea, and I'm glad you mixed the shiny and matte. I didn't vote when you were asking about the beads, but I was torn between the shiny and matte myself, so -- GREAT CHOICE! The yarn colors are wonderful too.

Hmmm...does everyone you make socks for realize you try them out on your own feet first?? Hope they're clean! J/K


Jill said...

Oooh, LOVE the shawl! The colors, the pattern, the beads--all wonderful.

Ps. I haven't posted yet, but I've started a shawl myself! It's not lace weight, but it's fingering, so that's pretty close! LOL