Monday, July 21, 2008

A Week?

It sure has not felt like a week. It has been busy so I guess time just flew. We are doing a little destruction/construction here at the barn. That is the major summer project. We are almost done with the boys room. Hubby and his uncle moved walls and put up sheet rock. Then it was my turn. I spackled and sanded and then spackled some more and sanded some more. Uhg! The painting is almost done Just one wall left and that has to wait for Stepson's visit this weekend coming. It is his wall to pick the color then we lay the flooring down and 1 room is done!!! 4 maybe 5 more to go (we haven't decided about the bathroom). So basically it has been long days and as soon as my butt hits the couch I feel like doing nada.

To spoil Buddah a little while the other 2 were at Disney World with Grandma and Grandpa we planned a day at Build A Bear. Now we have not been inside a Build A Bear since Skywalker and Drama Girl were babies. Now usually Buddah takes her time making up and changing her mind (which I am now thinking has to do more with her sister then her) hence why we planned a few hours. Nope 10 minutes from start to finish.

Meet Blueberry
blueberry and buddah

We did have a sad event happen. Of course it happened the day the 2 kiddies came home. Skywalker's pet guinea pig Whinny died. She was 3.5. She stopped eating much a few days before Skywalker left for Disney, so I figured the end was near. Two days before she stopped drinking. The morning of when I checked on her she was still inside her house and whistled, a few hours later she was gone. Skywalker is doing ok.
I now I haven't blogged about Whinny but she was a sweet little piggy. Boy could she eat! I guess that is where the pig part comes in.

Here is what little knitting has been going on. My MIL Bday socks are close to being done.
I used a vertical eyelet stitch from Sensational Knitted Socks on the cuff.
closeup of mil socks
Just a little something to liven things up.

The other thing I did was this:
feb sweater
I dyed some worsted weight superwashed merino in a lovely green. I love the colors. It has so many greens in it. Why did I dye this? Because this is what I am going to knit next. If like everyone else I may just drop everything else and knit on this sweater. I have no problem with that since, well I would love a nice sweater to wear come fall.



Laurelena said...

That green is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.
Do you have that in your store?

I love the sweater too. I have the book with the baby pattern, just got it. I didn't make the connection though from this adult version to the baby one until I read your blog. Wow! It's be beautiful!

Abby said...

Sorry about Whinny. Those little pets are cute but they don't live long. Maybe you should get a replacement pet, like an angora rabbit! BTW, love that green yarn.

Toni said...

What a fabulous green!!! It's going to look wonderful as that sweater!!!

Heather said...

OMG, when I saw your green yarn, the first thing I thought of was "that would make me a beautiful Feb. Lady Sweater". I've been falling in love with that pattern. -twinsies!!!

Spooky how we think alike-