Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am a Loopie Groupie

and I should thank Jilly for that (and my brain for forgetting to order yarn for my MIL's birthday socks) My MIL likes Claudia's Hand Painted ( and I do not blame her - see last post for my CHP) and so I let her choose which colorway. Jill is to blame for her enabling of Duet yarns. I loved her socks that she made and it was enough of a push to try it myself. Well that order made it number 6 and when you order number 6 you become a Loopie Groupie and get a cute welcoming gift. So now pictures.

This is a picture of my order
The Duets is on the left and it's name is Camibella. Then there is Claudia's Short sports in Oops! (I love the name). There is also a Addi turbo needle and a Darn It! darning egg.

Close up of Duet. It is more purple-ish then it shows

Oops! close up. I hope all of my oops come out this nice =)

Loot 2
Everything came in this bag! Very cute and I see myself using this often ,especially with a needle loving dog!
candy and keychain
keychain and candy!
j knits
jknits close up
Columbus by J.Knits

Yep I am a happy knitter! (and spoiled)



Abby said...

If you turn up missing, we'll know to look under your stash! Have fun with all that yarn. (And thanks for doing your part in stimulating the economy!)

Karen said...

How great. You definately deserve a little spoiling. And your MIL has great taste in colorways!!

mom said...

everything is very nice.
i have to ask, what's with the chewing sheep?
love you Mom

Jill said...

Congrats! Let me know how the darning egg works for you...I've been eyeballing it for a while, but I'm not sure I really "get it"...

:) Welcome to the club!