Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Yarn

but this time I made it!

Here is 4oz of Spunky Eclectic's Rhubarb.
100% Alpaca. I am really loving Alpaca.It was very easy to spin and I had the whole 4 oz spun in one evening.
I also think I did a good job spinning this. It is lofty and soft. While I was taking these pictures I couldn't help but pet it. I only have 124 yards of yarn that is somewhere between worsted and bulky. I have heard you do not get as much milage from alpaca since it is heavier then wool but that is so ok with me. (Is it too early to ask for just gift certificates for christmas?)

The weather here is perfect! There is hardly any humidity and a light breeze every so often. (do not worry I am staying out of the sun mom) I hope the weather holds for the weekend. Skywalker turns 7 (!?!?!?!?!) tomorrow and Mommy is visiting on saturday. Then Drama Girl and Skywalker are leaving on sunday to Florida. My MIL and FIL are taking them to Disney. It will be a little quieter and I am hoping to get some dying and sewing done. Of course I will miss them so staying busy will help that a little (not)



Karen said...

Oh my, so pretty!! Reading your blog is like browsing at a LYS - except I can't pet them . . . and it's much easier on the wallet. :)

mom said...

Hi HOney, I really love the Rhubarb, the colors are very nice and you know I don't like green, but w/this pink/white combo it is very nice.

Jill said...

Wow--you must be excited! 2 of 3 kiddos out of the house for a bit--I am jealous! ;) They will have a blast...good for them.

I'm thinking of you today.