Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I do not know what to do

with the Mystery Goddess Shawl (I think that is the right name Renee has like 3 going on right now. I am doing the Pi one) I am almost a third of the way through clue 3 so that means I am close to halfway with the whole thing (unless I enlarge it) and well it is small and I am not sure if I even like it. I picked it up this morning and worked a few rows and I keep looking at it and thinking maybe not? I do not know what to do. It has already sat for a week in a time out while I decide what to do. Should I just keep going and pushing myself which doesn't really work well for me. If I do not like something I tend to not knit it (that might be part of the cause on why I have so many WIPs floating around). I just really want to knit something else right now.

goddess shawl
Goddess shawl
this is a close up of clue 2 and really the only part I like so far.

Clue 4 is twice as big as clue 3 and then I could either enlarge it or go directly to clue 5 which is the edging.

Maybe it is the yarn? I have seen other people use similar yarn and theirs look great.

All comments and suggestions are more then welcome




Toni said...

I like the close up picture, but I'm not sure about the overall effect. Does it look better stretched? I love the yarn, though. Maybe the color pattern just doesn't line up right for this project?

Tough call!

mom said...

ditto what toni said. i like the pattern, but the yarn is toooo busy, isn't that an old saying?

love you mom

Jill said...

Ah, bummer. No fun when you work on something and it's not working out. I am thinking it's the color that's sort of taking away from the overall effect.

Such a tough choice. I always hate to rip something out that I've put a lot of time and effort into, but I don't want stuff to languish, either. And I can't keep at it once I realized that I "really" don't like it...

Good luck! Hugs