Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well everyone here we are the first day of 09. I have lots to show and catch up on and of course I will be doing it slowly since well I did not get to take pictures of everything because we stayed up to greet 09 last night. I recall it use to be a lot easier to stay up late. Now a days I am lucky if I can function at 10.

I was going to recap 08 but really 08 sucked. Not in the craft department but in other ways so I decided to leave 08 in 08. However when I looked at my list of completed stuff I was amazed how much there was and many different items. I did sew more which was something I wanted to do but of course not as much as I wanted. Still working on finding a way to put more hours into the day.

I do have some wee socks to show. These little socks were my last FO of 08. I realized a few days ago that I did not have my december socks for Sock a month and since I have gone over a year without missing a month I just couldn't do it. So I grabbed some leftover cascade 220 in christmas heather and a set of size 5 dpns and with in a few hour I had a pair of cute baby socks.
I know a few people with buns in their ovens so the will get used.

Baby J socks
they are the same size even though one does look bigger

Most likely these will go to my best friend. Her favorite color is red and I am sure Little Baby J will look adorable in them.

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Karen said...

Happy New Year!! I'm right with you in leaving 2008 behind. Let's look forward to lots of wonderful times in 2009. Love the cute baby socks too. Good for you for not missing a month last year. :) Hope you are sticking around for the next round of Sock-A-Month. (Which reminds me, I need to make a new template for the next round.)