Thursday, January 8, 2009


That is the name of the hat pattern I made for my Father in law. (Sorry the link is a Ravelry link)

Here is The Hubby modeling the completed hat. =) He is such a card!!

Fil hat

I used Cascade 220 Superwashed in Black. I am really liking Cascade 220 superwashed. It has a nice feel and hopefully will not pill as badly as Knitpicks Swish

fil hat

You can kinda see the cable and just in case I took another picture with the flash

flashed out cables on fil

Honestly I loved this hat. The decreases are "hidden" in the knit rib that separates each cable and who doesn't love a juicy cable!


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Karen said...

I so love a nice cable. :) I'm knitting Log Cabin Socks in Cascade 220 Superwash and I'm really loving it too. I haven't used Swish, but actually I just won a sweaters worth in a Knit Picks contest. I can live with the pilling since it was FREE!