Monday, January 5, 2009


I shocked my Mommy =) Yes Mom I have over 35 miles of yarn which if I laid end to end it might just make it to your house! It is amazing how much you can squeeze into 10 of those large storage tubs isn't it!

Ok onto Christmas recap. This time is my Aunt I's Foliage hat. I loved this hat very much when I tried it on it almost did not make to her. I used Shepherds wool that I bought over 2 years ago from a LYS that went out of business (technically she was kicked out but that is another story) This stuff is amazing, it had a write up in Interweave knits in the column that tells about yarn makers and as I was reading it I was like I have that yarn. This yarn is a little on the hard side to find and I bought it from the going out of business sale at a steal!!

Ok anyway back to the hat. Foliage is from Knitty and has been on my list of what I want to knit since I have seen it in fall 07 issue.
Really great pattern and a little different, it is knitted from the top down. I was done knitting the lace part and I a little shocked that I was done (and yes a little sad)


yes I know totally craptastic picture. I was not feeling too hot when I took it and I was wrapping gifts and basically just snapped a pic. The color is suppose to be plum. The color really reminds me of plums too, that really rich purple. It also reminds me of my Grandfathers plum cake. Mmmmm so good, I could eat the whole thing stomach ache be darned.



AlisonH said...

I think I could easily roll my yarns to my daughter's house--3300 miles, I mean, I really do think I could.

Toni said...

Would it make your mom feel better if I sent you pictures of MY stash???? :) (which will, of course, still be huge after a second year of knitting only from stash, but less huge...)

Karen said...

Your Foliage is so pretty - I can see why you were tempted not to gift it. :) Oh, and you can tell your mom not to worry. I have 60.22 miles in my stash - and I still have to log in a bunch of stuff from Rhinebeck and the Knit Picks sock collection Mom got me for Christmas. I bet it could reach from CT to LI!!

mom said...

Wow, its very nice to see that women are still interested in knitting AND with really nice yarns too.....
years and years ago when i knitted it was usually from the 5 & 10. except one sweater set i had made for a niece which i think was from a yarn store...
i am impressed!